Certified Refurbished Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black


  • Handles ordering an Uber and food from various restaurants and food chains
  • Acts as alarm and timer
  • The Certified Refurbished Echo Dot can serve in the bedroom and kitchen for reminders, timers, and easy communication between different rooms
  • Equipped with multiple microphones that can detect your voice in loud and noisy surroundings
  • Has all the skills to make it the best voice assistant in the market
  • Can be used as a universal remote for fans, television, thermostats, and other household appliances
  • Connects to Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, and others
  • The Certified Refurbished Echo Dot has Bluetooth connection
  • Plays music from various online music sources such as Amazon Music and others

The Certified Refurbished Echo Dot has been designed in a completely new look from the previous generation. It looks beautiful and matches any room’s decor. It has a sleek stylish design that does not take up space. This makes it suitable for placing on a bedside table, on the kitchen counter, on a side table, and in the T.V. lounge. You can even hang it on hooks on the walls to keep away from children and other messes. It saves a lot of space and because it is equipped with the best far-fetching seven microphones. It is able to detect and understand your instructions and commands no matter where you place it in the room.

Certified Refurbished Echo Dot Features

The Certified Refurbished Echo Dot voice assistant replaces the conventional large, bulky universal remotes. It is compatible with a large number of household appliances ranging from locks, fans, garage doors, sprinklers, thermostats, and a huge number of television brands. It can connect to other devices such as Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, WeMo, Nest, and Ecobee along with others.

In addition to this, the Certified Refurbished Echo Dot is able to make calls, play music with the help of Alexa, receive, and send messages. It can provide you with the latest updates in politics, sports, the entertainment industry, international events and local news and events. The Certified Refurbished Echo Dot is helpful in the bedroom as it can set alarms. In the kitchen, it can serve as a timer for cooking and baking. In the study, t can help people who are trying to manage time while preparing for exams. It can read you a book with the help of Audible while relaxing. It does not require you to hold a large, heavy book. The Certified Refurbished Echo Dot can read out cookbooks and recipes to prevent making a mess while cooking and baking and eliminates the effort of running back and forth between your dish and cookbook.

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