About Lifestyle Glitz

LifestyleGlitz.com, our name says it all. We are all about living a glamorous and fun filled happy lifestyle.

From useful information to recreational and social stuff, Lifestyle Glitz will have it all. We are trying to create a diverse platform, where anyone and everyone can find something that interests them.

Through our podcasts, we also offer free counseling services for those who need someone to talk to, and share personal worries, doubts, concerns, and problems. Life can be a mess sometimes, but we are here to offer anonymous assistance, keeping your details and discussions private and confidential.


Our Story

Lifestyle Glitz started as a platform where Mona and Saadia intended to share their views and ideas in the form of blogs and eBooks. As sisters they share the passion for doing good and touching the lives of many. Blogging is something they found as a way of reaching out to numerous people. Soon, as this platform became visible on Google, more readers subscribed and today Lifestyle Glitz is evolving to a new level.
Through The Random Couch Talk With Lifestyle Glitz, Mona, Saadia, and Dr. Sayema share their thoughts about various topic that are insightful and helpful.

There is more than vlogs with Lifestyle Glits.

We are all about life and fun. After a heavy day’s work, you can come visit our site to have some quality time browsing through interesting content and listening to our discussions on our podcast channel. We talk about sports, technology, home decor, recipes, love and relationships, parenting, and so much more.

If you are fond of reading, you can find something to interest you here. You will find blogs about anything.

If you are passionate about writing, send us your blogs and articles and we will publish them! Use our platform as an advertising spot for your products because we accept guest blogs and sponsored ads!