Aruba Ali

Aruba Ali has two passions – photography and studying English as a subject. Having specialized in English, she continues to reach out to learn more and improve her skills in writing. In her spare time, she writes for Lifestyle, EBooks, and Blogs to share her voice, expertise, and thoughts with the world.

Laura Mitchel

Laura Mitchel is a tech-geek and a blogger. She likes to share the latest information on the most trendy gadgets.

Farah Sharief

Farah Sharif is an established writer with special interest in fashion, makeup tips, and the latest in various other niches. Over the past 3 years of working as a ghostwriter, she learned a lot about writing eBooks, blogs, articles, marketing content, product reviews, and other forms of web content. She shares her expertise with us to offer our readers the best and informative content.

Noman Ahmed

An editor by profession, Noman Ahmed has a keen interest in reading and writing on diverse topics. With a varied educational background that encompasses science, commerce and the humanities, he values the ability to accommodate diverse perspectives and sensibilities on the things he writes about.