Amazon Echo


  • Has a large skill set including calling Uber, ordering food from various food outlets, and restaurants
  • Can make and receive calls and messages by synchronizing with your mobile phone contact list
  • Can play and get music from a large number of music sources such as Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, and others
  • Can fit stylishly with any room’s decor
  • Has compact design so users can place it anywhere without taking up a lot of space
  • Serves as universal remote for household appliances
  • Provides convenient communication between every room in the house
  • Equipped with the best woofer for optimal sound quality
  • It has seven far fetching microphones to ensure your voice is understandable by the device no matter where the user places it in the room
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  • The Amazon Echo device is a speaker that makes use of a hands-free operation. The device wirelessly connects to the Alexa Voice feature and is able to update you with information of your choice. You can connect and make calls, receive, and send messages, and do all this just by asking the device.

    It has sound quality great enough to fill an entire room with high quality sound. Amazon Echo has Far-field Voice Recognition, equipped with seven microphones. This feature ensures that your voice reaches the device no matter where you are in the room even while the device is playing music. It works even if there are other noises such as music or even if the television is in the background. This new generation of voice assistance device also comes with the best, inbuilt woofer and tweeter. These features provide clear vocals and a powerful bass throughout the room. It can play music from a variety of sources such as Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

    Hands-free Calling and Messaging

    The Amazon Echo allows you to communicate easily with all your contacts. In addition to this, the Drop In feature allows you to communicate with every household member without yelling or raising your voice.

    Far-field Voice Recognition

    With newer technology, the device is able to respond better to the set wake word despite there being excess noise in the environment or loud music. This removes the delay in following your instructions and commands by the device.

    Tasks Performed by Amazon Echo

    With each new generation, the number of tasks this device can do increases. The latest update added a few new tasks and these are as follows:

    • Order food from various restaurants
    • Request a ride on Uber
    • Track your fitness regime
    • Act as a remote control for your television

    Variety in Design

    The Amazon Echo is available in a large variety of designs. Each made from different materials and fabrics, which allow it to be a part of any room’s decor fashionably.

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