How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated Across the World?

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How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated Across the World?

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]14Th February is the lover’s day, commemoration globally. On this day, lovers express their heartfelt emotions and feelings to their dear ones. Markets get flooded with beautiful roses, valentine gifts, sweet teddies, heart-shaped chocolates and much more. Valentine’s Day has its own charm and importance.

The Sweet Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers, but it is for everyone who wants to convey their love and affection towards their Mother, Father, siblings, maternal parents, and friends.

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide. Every country around the globe has its unique ritual to celebrate this love day. In the United States, kids bring cards for every other student, couples exchange sweets boxes, and cards whereas, in South Korea, the singles eat black noodles. In France, which is the most romantic city in the world, the tradition of celebrating the Valentine’s Day is quite adorable and different. Here the women who could not find the perfect match meant to burn the pictures of opposite sex.

In Wales, the couples celebrate Valentine Day with exchanging Welish Spoon- a gift of love. In Europe, it was believed that if women sleep by keeping the bay leaves at every corner of her bed and center, she would get the man of her dreams.

Well, every country follows a different tradition.

The Story Behind the Celebration of Valentine’s Day

Legend says there are two stories behind the commemoration of Valentine’s Day. One story says that around 3rd century in Rome there was a cruel named Emperor and a priest named St. Valentine.

It had said that Emperor Claudius II was against the marriages of young men. That was because the married men became weak during the war. The priest St. Valentine unknowingly started performing marriages of young men. When the ruthless Emperor Claudius came to know about the priest betrayal, he ordered St. Valentine to put in prison.

Since that time the tradition of sending love letters with gifts, chocolates, and flowers have become the significant part of Valentine’s Day. To brief you on all the different traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day globally, Flower delivery in Chennai has created a beautiful infographic.

Valentine Day Traditions Around the World

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