Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know

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Amazon Echo: Everything You Need to Know

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Amazon Echo works in association with Alexa. Upon connecting with the Alexa app, you can add Skills, synchronize emails, control your smart home, set an alarm, and you can set a timer. Do all this by with a single voice command. It can help you switch on your lights, read your emails, news, or audio books. It can play games with you. The Amazon Echo price is not very high since it works with Alexa.

The reviews of Amazon Echo show that it has a sound system that is much better than that of the one in Amazon Echo Dot. Reviews of Amazon Echo also show that it is less expensive as compared to the Apple Home Pod and Echo plus. It cannot replace your Hi-Fi, but is a good thing to start with, especially if you are looking for something for your smart home.

The Alexa device always keeps an alert to its wake word. By default, ‘Alexa’ is the wake word. When you say a thing before or after saying ‘Alexa’, it is not stored in Amazon’s server. It stores things you say when you trigger Alexa, either by accident or intentionally.

Alexa has the ability to use ‘Skills’ to do certain tasks and to respond. ‘Skills’ are apps that are built for the better functioning of the system. Alexa can connect to TuneIn radio and it can play music station or can connect to BBC news for the latest news. Amazon Echo price is affordable.

What is the Amazon Alexa?

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Amazon Alexa is a voice service present in millions of Amazon devices and in devices by other third-party manufacturers. Alexa is a cloud-based service. It gives you a natural voice experience as it provides a natural way to the costumes for interaction with the technology that they use every day.

It is For Everyone

Anyone can connect to Alexa because of the reference solutions, APIs, and documentation it has. You can build up your voice by the addition of new features to Alexa, with a connection to Alexa, or by directly integrating Alexa into your product. Amazon Alexa released 3 years ago with an aim to provide clear voice technology to the users. Alexa is a computerized assistance introduced by Amazon.

At first, the use of Alexa was in Echo and in Echo Dot. Echo dot reviews were quite positive about the product. It has features like voice interaction, making lists, playing music, streaming podcasts, setting an alarm, playing audio articles and books, providing traffic, news and weather information.

When devices connect to Alexa, users can use the device simply by giving it a command or by calling a startup word like as ‘Echo’. Many other devices like an Android and Amazon cellphone app and iOS require the customers (user) to press a button that will initiate Alexa’s listening ability.

Languages It Understands

Currently, users can communicate or interact with Alexa in three languages that are English, Japanese, and German. The introduction of Alexa in Canadian market was in November 2017. About 5,000 people worked on Alexa in September 2017.

An app is available at Google Play Store, Amazon app Store, and Apple app store. This app enables the users of Alexa to control music, manage alarms, install skills, and viewing of shopping lists. This app also enables the customers to give a review of text showing on the display and to reply Amazon with a feedback of weather the text recognition was a good feature or bad one. There is a feature of web interface that allows setting connections with compatible devices that include Amazon Dot, Echo, and Amazon Echo Show.

Working with Alexa

Alexa has many sensitive microphones built in its system. Alexa’s success depends on these sensitive microphones. It has natural language processor that allows easy interactions. Alexa is a good listener and will always give a quick response. You do not need to deliver a command twice. Simply give a command and it will provide you an answer in the form of a voice message.

Alexa Skills Kit

Amazon has given this authority to the users to build skills for Alexa. This is doable by Alexa Skills Kit. These are the skills developed by a third party. These skills, when published, become available for all the Alexa enabled devices. Anyone can enable these skills with the Alexa app.

Once you add a Skill to Alexa account, it works for all the devices at you home; you do not need to add Skill separately for each device. To handle smart home devices, the hardware manufacturers use Smart Home Skill API. Recently, Amazon introduced Blueprints for the users to build or develop skills for their personal needs.

Alexa’s Voice Service

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) provides speech recognition and natural language understanding. Amazon Alexa integrates with companies, free of cost. AVS can also access Alexa Skills. Amazon echo stores the digital recordings of audios spoken by the users. Alexa can give locations with the help of address fed into companion app.

What Can You Do with Amazon Alexa?

Alexa allows you to do multiple things. Here is the guide to things you can do to Amazon Alexa to make it work out for you.

·         Improving the capabilities of Alexa

You can improve the capabilities of Alexa by adding more skills. You can do this with the use of Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) or by the addition of self-service APIs, documentation, tools, and code samples. Adding skills help to make Alexa much smart and help customers to do something with the voice. By using you known toolkit, you can build natural voice experience for yourself. This will may help you improve the way your consumers use this technology.

·         Integration of Alexa to your device

You also have the option of integrating Alexa into your products. Alexa Voice Service (AVS) can do this. It provides hands-free voice control service. AVS helps you add a new smart interface to your product. This enables you to access an increasing number of Alexa features, skills, and smart home integrations.

·         Connect your devices to Alexa

To give a delightful experience to your Customers, connect your device to Alexa. You can activate voice control your lights, cameras, and entertainment system at your home just by adding Alexa to your home devices. Also, you can also build and create your own Alexa Gadgets or you can generate interactive skills like Amazon Echo Buttons. You just need to be creative with your Alexa devices to make them useful.

·         Reach more customers

You can reach or approach more customers through millions of Alexa devices. You can deliver them such delightful and amazing voice experiences that will definitely attract them to come back to your Alexa product. This will also increase the market value of your Alexa product.

·         Focus more on voice design expertise

Once a user brings a big idea, Alexa will manage the speech recognition and basic language understanding. Focus more on your voice design expertise to get started.

·         Build for the future

Toolkits will allow your interactions of customers with Alexa. Use this product to experience the advancements in voice conversations and to push the boundaries.

·         Connectivity of Alexa and Echo devices

The connection of Amazon Echo and other Alexa devices allows you to play music, get information, listen to books and articles, manage your smart home, get the latest news, set an alarm, ask time, information about the weather forecast and you can do much more by using your voice.

Where and How is Alexa Used?

Alexa has various applications when connected to Amazon Echo app. Echo is always listening to your command and will respond immediately. Alexa is useful for users in the following ways:

1. Ordering

You can order fast food using Alexa. Alexa has an association with Pizza Hut, Seamless, Domino’s Pizza, Wingstop, and Grubhub. In the United Kingdom, Alexa users can order meals via Just Eat. In 20 US cities, users can place an order for food via Amazon Prime. With Amazon Key, Amazon couriers can unlock front doors of customers’ door to deliver their package inside.

2. Home automation

For home automation, Alexa interacts with devices from different manufacturers like Ecobee, Belkin, IFTTT, Geeni, LIFX, Nest, Insteon, Philips Hue, Wink, LightwaveRF, Yonomi, and SmartThings. Users can also develop their smart home skills by using Alexa Skills Kit. This feature of home automation launched on April 2015.

3. Music

On Amazon Echo devices, you can enjoy streaming services or you can enjoy subscription-based streaming. Music streaming services include Audible, Spotify Premium, TuneIn, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music, and Prime Music. Some of these services are not available on Alexa enabled products. These are also unavailable on Amazon Fire TV or tablet.

Alexa can display music directly. Alexa can stream music directly. For this, Alexa should connect to the Amazon account. This will allow access to Amazon Music Library. You can listen to audiobooks that are present in the Audible library. Amazon Prime Membership can earn you access to playlists, music stations, and millions of songs, free of cost. Amazon Music Unlimited also provides accessibility to millions of songs.

You can play music from iTunes, Google Play with the help of Amazon Music for PC. You simply need to upload your music collection to My Music from a computer. Besides, you can upload about 250 songs, free of cost. When you finish doing this, give a voice command to Alexa and it will play your desired music.

4. Sports

Alexa gives the chance to users to get the latest updates of the sports teams that are in the list of Alexa’s Sports app. The users can hear news of 15 supported teams.

5. Calls and messages

Alexa provides a variety of ways for sending messages. Alexa has the ability to send messages to all the Echo devices that the Amazon account supports. Message from Echo supported device will deliver in the form of a voice message.

Alexa has a drawback; it is unable to send attachments like photos and videos. When using an Alexa app, it is possible for the user to interact only with Alexa contacts. Alexa texts become available to everyone in the same household when accessed by Echo device or Alexa app.

Anyone in the house can hear those messages. This feature is without password or PIN. You can use the Do Not Disturb feature to block notifications for calls and messages.

6. Business

Alexa is a useful device for business activities. You can subscribe to Alexa for arranging meetings, for joining conference calls and custom calls. Amazon recently introduced a ‘brief Mode’ feature for Alexa, which will instead of saying ‘Okay’, will give a beep sound to confirm the command.

Amazon Echo can truly be useful when associated with Alexa.

What Can Alexa Amazon Echo Actually Do?

Many people make use of the Echo smart speaker to stream music from Amazon Music or Spotify; listen to their favorite radio stations. They use it for setting timers and alarms. Some people use it for controlling smart home devices such as smart lights, connected thermostats, and other appliances. With its versatile system, Alexa allows users to search the web and for flash news, weather and sports updates.

New features are being continuously adding to Alexa. Alexa Drop in Alexa Calling is a good way to keep you connected to the people at your home. It uses Alexa as an intercom from the house-to-house and room-to-room. You can give commands to the microwave and oven for cooking. You only need to say ‘Alexa, help me defrost two pounds of chicken’ or ‘Alexa, microwave for 40 seconds on high’. It will obey your voice commands.

Best Amazon Echo Alexa Speaker

Alexa devices are of two types. Speakers – that have built-in Alexa and the other devices that work when they are connected to Alexa. They can control your voice. This is an important distinction between the two types. Here, we are dealing with the former type – the device’s host Alexa. The Amazon device first came to the market in 2015. By then, Amazon introduced multiple devices with different features.

Working Principal of Alexa

Working of Alexa devices is not complicated. It is very easy and convenient to use. It is useful when associated with Amazon Echo. The Alexa device has various sensitive microphones built in its system. These sensitive microphones are the factors that control the success of Alexa devices. It has a natural language processor that allows easy interactions with the users. Alexa is a good listener and it will always give a quick response. It will never ignore your command. You do not need to deliver a command twice. Simply give a command and it will provide you an answer in the form of a voice message.

What Alexa Actually Is

Alexa and Amazon Echo, are both actually the same. Echo is nothing without Alexa. It is a useless speaker, which cannot perform an action until it gets a command. Moreover, the same is the case with Alexa without Amazon echo. If you are in any sort of confusion, this article will provide a detail about the link between Echo and Alexa.

Echo works as a hardware whereas Alexa works as software. Amazon Echo performs all the actions of hardware and Alexa as software. Alexa works as the brain or the system handler and programmer of all the performance actions. As a software, Alexa can be available for devices other than the Amazon devices. It all depends on the abilities and performance of Alexa.

Having the ability to gain more knowledge, Alexa begins with learning what Amazon tells it. Though it already has the ability to tell the news headlines, set alarms, and set timers, answer universal questions, and can tell what the time is.

It is a Remarkable Device

In other words, Alexa can learn the things taught by us. These are some skills and there are more than a hundred others.

You do not need talent or the skill to use Alexa to open the gate of the garage or to turn the smart lights on for you or to do any other tasks that Alexa does not already know. That is where originators enter. For the ease of companies and their originators to write Alexa skills, Amazon has handled it.

Listening to satellite radio is also one of its skills. There are many skills of fluctuating gradations of the utility of everyday use, like locking the house while being at work, though it is scary.

What is the Use of Amazon Echo?

Amazon has developed various products over the years and has introduced a speaker brand known as Amazon Echo. These are hands-free smart speakers. The echo speakers can connect to a voice-controlling assistant known as Alexa. Amazon Echo has the ability of voice interaction, setting alarms, music playback system, streaming podcasts, making work lists, proving weather forecast information, playing audio, and providing traffic information and many other things. It launched in January 2015

Apart from all these functions, Amazon Echo can act as an automation hub, controlling a variety of smart devices. In 2016, Echo appeared in Amazon’s Super Bowl ad. Amazon Echo came in the United Kingdom’s market in September 2016. Alexa is an addition to Amazon Echo as a voice service.

Features of Amazon Echo

All Echo devices need a wireless internet connection to work properly e.g. Yap, IVONA, and Evi requires voice platform. These are professional in-voice tools widely used in Kindle Fire. Amazon Web Services is the basis of Amazon Echo’s voice recognition ability. Amazon Echo performs efficiently when the internet connection is available. This reduces the time due to insignificant communication round tours, geo-Yap and streams able responses, and service endpoints. Although this Application is free of cost, the Amazon echo setup is not possible without Amazon Echo account.

Services Provided by Amazon Echo

The design of the first-generation Amazon Echo is a cylinder speaker about 9.25-inch and has seven microphones. It has 4 GB space. It has Texas Instruments DM3725 ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 256 MB of LPDDRI RAM. A button at the top is for the setup, which users can use. A mute button is also present that allows it to turn off the microphones. You can rotate the top half of the device for increasing or decreasing the volume of the speaker.

Echo lacks an internal battery, so it needs a power plug for it to work. Echo has a dual-band Wi-Fi. It has the advanced Bluetooth options for Video/Audio Remote Control Profile and audio streaming. Reviews of Amazon echo show that it maintained 83% score on Gear Caliber.

The release of the second generation Amazon Echo was in November 2017. The second generation Amazon Echo is available in 36 countries, from February 2018, Amazon Echo variety of applications. It is a helpful device, which works in many ways. Below are the services Amazon Echo provides:

·         News

Amazon Echo has a unique feature of providing news from various sources. It provides news from ESPN, TuneIn, BBC, and NPR. Amazon Echo also provides the latest news from local radio channels like iHeartRadio.

·         Weather Forecast

Amazon Echo provides latest weather updates from AccuWeather.

·         Music streaming

Amazon Echo connects with Alexa for playing music. It can play music from Saavn, Amazon Prime Music, and TuneIn. It also allows playing music from different Echo devices simultaneously, with the help of multi-room music. Amazon Echo also has the ability to play music from music streaming sources like Google Play Music and Apple Music, from a tablet or phone but it cannot play music from UPnP/DLNA server.

·         Voice controlling ability

Amazon Echo has the ability to maintain voice-controlled timers, alarms, to do lists, shopping and has the ability to access articles from Wikipedia. It is also able to answer your questions about your feed in Google calendar.

·         Powerful speakers

Amazon Echo comes with powerful speakers that deliver sharp vocals, crisp audio, and vibrant bass response.

·         Microphones

It has seven microphones. They offer noise cancellation and beam forming ability. This makes possible for Amazon Echo to hear the voices even in noisy surroundings and from any direction. You can even hear the voice when music plays in the background.

·         Call

Two people having Alex App or Echo device can make hands free calls. You can ask Alexa how to make a call in order to get started.

With Alexa Skill Kit, Echo can access to ‘skills’. These improve the ability of Alexa enabled Echo device. Using Skill, you can order pizza, play music, set an alarm, order Uber, and answer basic questions.

·         Voice system

The natural language processing algorithms allow good quality speech. Natural language processing is inbuilt text to speech (TTS) engine of Amazon Echo. Speech-unit technology gives natural voices.

·         Software updates

Functions of Echo develop when Amazon releases a new software. New releases improve its functionality. Significant new enhancements can be can be done to Echo even without updating the software.

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Echo Dot

In March 2016, Amazon introduced the Amazon Echo Dot. It is a hockey puck sized device, designed to connect to external speakers. It is useful in bedrooms instead of full-sized Echo speakers. Amazon Echo Dot reviews show that it has similar functions to full-sized Amazon Echo. It can also work on external batteries.

Alexa Echo is affordable at a low price. It has enhanced voice recognition ability. It is available in both white and black colors. Many Echo and Dot units work in collaboration with the help of Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) technology; this makes only one device to answer the request. Amazon Echo Dot reviews show that Echo Dot scored 78% on Gear Caliber.

7 Interesting Things You Can Do Using the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo device gives you a complete insight into the future on an interesting smart home. With the release of Amazon Echo in the market, it was a speculation that it is the product similar to the already present products in the Bluetooth speaker market. Later reviews of Amazon Echo suggested that it is not an ordinary product.

Below are some of the amazing things you can do with Echo.

·         Play any song just by asking

The Amazon Echo is a smart hands-free speaker that plays music. That is simple but the catch is it has the ability to do so in so many interesting ways that we need to discuss. Amazon’s music library is quite big that you name a song and you will get it in the library. You can also make a request for a playlist or a song by an artist. You can play songs that you have uploaded on Amazon Music or Amazon Cloud Drive. Echo also has the ability to play music according to your mood or holiday. You simply say ‘Alexa play the Christmas music’ and it will play. Moreover, you can pay for Spotify and you can use it too. You simply need to say ‘Alexa, play songs by Justin Timberlake from Spotify’ and it will play the music.

·         Exploring new features

If there is a new feature introduced, you need a subscription to receive notification for the upgraded feature but with Amazon Echo, you can simply ask ‘Alexa, what are the new features which you have?’ Amazon feeds an explanation into Alexa, just by asking the question you can get the required details.

·         Building a smart home

If you are building a smart home or you are about to rent one, Amazon Echo will help you. Amazon Echo has the ability to integrate various home automation hubs. These hubs include Insteon, Wink, and SmartThings. It also allows you to connect to other smart devices like Belkin WeMo, Philip Hue, Ecobee, Sensi and many more. If you think building a smart home with voice-controlled quality is out of the question, here is news – it is not. Echo has changed it.

You can control the temperature and light of your home or you can even switch on the video recorder setup, just with a command. Voice command is different for different devices. For example, give a command to Alexa to turn on the bedroom lights. Philip hue lights will switch on if specified as bedroom lights. Home automation devices provide you variety of other functions as well.

·         Getting useful information

Amazon Echo provides weather forecast at any location. You just need to call out ‘what’s the weather?’ Echo will even tell you about high and low chances of rain. You can also ask the weather of a place where you are not present now. Similarly, you can also ask the time for a different time zone. This can be helpful for arranging interviews and meetings with people from other time zones. You can also ask about the latest news from the Alexa app.

·         Listen to an article or book

Echo has audiobooks from Audible. Give a voice command and you can listen to the whole book. You can fall sleep with the sleep timer. Voice synthesis helps you to listen to books that do not have audio companies. You can play bedtime stories on Echo for your kids.

·         Kitchen assistance

Echo helps a lot in cooking. Echo can help you to convert units and measurement when cooking. It can help you to set the timer to prevent your food from burning. Echo can also read cookbooks to you, when in the kitchen.

·         Use IFTTT

Echo has the ability to connect to IFTTT. It can help you save money and trigger the food recipes. You just need to give the right kind of voice commands to the Echo device.

Adding Smart Home Devices to Amazon Alexa

If you are having any other Echo device apart from Echo Plus, you will need an Amazon Echo set up to connect those devices according to the requirements and instructions of the manufacturers. Then you need to visit the Skill tab present within the Alexa app. You can download the desired Skill for your device, sign in and you are ready to give the commands to Alexa. The devices that you have paired with Alexa, will appear in the Smart Home section of the Alexa App.

Backing for Sonos speakers

Sonos speakers are better than the Amazon Echo. The latest version of Sonos one speaker is perhaps the best Alexa sounding speaker to buy because it has built-in Alexa.

Use the Sonos Skill and its handiness to handle the bunch of all the different speakers around your home. It is the best way to make the connection of high-end smart speakers with Alexa.

One of the unique qualities of smart speakers is the capacity to handle your linked smart home devices all with your voice, play the music, and to get the latest news. With Amazon echo products using Alexa, you have the choice to link them to both individual and group activities collectively using schedules.

Schedules are inbuilt in the Alexa application and users can completely modify them. You can develop your own routines in Alexa app, generated by the phrase (“night”) or at the organized time.

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Things Echo Listens To

Each sequence can generate a group of up to seven changeable actions, each modifiable to some amount liable for what you want Alexa to do. Alexa can say unique things. You can:

  • Listen to a story or joke

Alexa has the ability to tell a story, a lame joke, or sing a birthday greeting song that is already present in its apps.

  • News

We can cause Alexa to read the daily flash news breaking by adding this action to its daily sequence.

  • Music:

You can play music using Alexa in connection to Amazon Echo. If you say party time to Alexa, it will play your favorite music from its playlist. On Amazon Echo devices, you can enjoy streaming services or you can enjoy subscription-based streaming. The music streaming services include Audible, Spotify Premium, TuneIn, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music, and Prime Music.

  • Traffic

Jump into Alexa and enter the location information of your daily routine to get news about the traffic.

  • Smart home:

Alexa can handle your smart home products. For example, if you add it to your routine to turn off the lights daily, when you say I am leaving, it will do it daily. For home automation, Alexa interacts with devices from different manufacturers like Ecobee, Belkin, IFTTT, Geeni, LIFX, Nest, Insteon, Philips Hue, Wink, LightwaveRF, Yonomi, and SmartThings. Users can also develop their smart home skills by using Alexa Skills Kit. This feature of home automation launched on April 2015.

  • Weather:

Alexa tells you the weather update on daily basis.

  • Sports:

Alexa enabled devices to allow the users to keep a check on the latest news regarding their favorite sports teams that are already present in the list of Alexa’s Sports app. The users can hear the news of 15 supported sports teams throughout the world.

One of most important thing is that Alexa gives you the opportunity to call and message. Through this, we can make calls and messages by using Alexa. It works with echo devices having Alexa application on phones.

You can lock your doors, turn off the lights, and know what is on your calendar for the day, by just asking the Amazon’s home control handler. Amazon’s cybernetic controller Alexa is the most beneficial when linked with home speakers tap, echo, or dot. When you link the Alexa application, you can have the smart home appliances and synchronize applications. Then, just connect with Alexa to play games and to read the emails.

Amazon Echo can truly be useful when used with Alexa.

Amazon Echo Review

If you are looking for a smart speaker that is not very expensive and that has a good sound system and works as a music player, this is the right place for you to be. Amazon Echo has all these qualities. Amazon Echo price is not very high.

The reviews of Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot show that Amazon Echo has a sound system that is much better than that of the Amazon Echo Dot. Reviews of Amazon Echo also show that it is affordable as compared to the Apple Home Pod and Echo plus. It cannot replace your hifi, but is a good thing to start with, if you are looking for something for your smart home.

Get Amazon Echo for $84.99 (2017 version)

Amazon Echo first released in 2015 and since then its looks are changing continuously. The Amazon Echo 2017 version now looks more like a sophisticated device. It is finished with fabric. The previous version of Amazon Echo was made of aluminum. The 2017 version suits many living rooms because of the fabric finishing.

Availability and price of Amazon Echo in UK and US

Amazon Echo is the most bought smart speakers. It comes at affordable prices all over worldwide. In the U.K., you only have to pay £89.99 to get the Amazon Echo, whereas, in the U.S., you will have to pay $99, which is not much for a smart speaker device. They are often available on sale at low prices. Google Home is the archrival and does not cost below £100/$100. The third party Alexa smart speakers cannot even compete with them. The Kitsound Voice One is much more expensive (£129.99 and $179) and its sound system is not so good. In simple words, if you are investing in Amazon Echo, you are making a good deal.

Review of Amazon Echo Regarding Design

The Amazon Echo is not a very technical looking device of the Amazon family of smart speakers. It has fabric finishing on its sides instead of aluminum of Echo Plus. This initiative by Amazon aims to reduce the cost of purchase but gives an appealing design to these smart speakers. This is a much appreciated, as Amazon Echo speakers have become typical rather than previous adopter gadgets. The upgraded Amazon Echo smart speakers are wider and, which means that they are firm and can stand on their feet. An accidental nudge might tumble the actual Echo speakers, but the latest Amazon Echo speakers have a stronger base, which keeps them firm.

Amazon Echo’s latest device is made will compete with the Apple Home Pod and Google Home. There is no issue with it. Its design is more desirable than the actual Echo speakers are. Amazon has taken steps to combine some elements of the Dot with the actual device, where the pair of buttons replaces the volume dial. They also have a mute button, which stops Alexa from hearing everything, and there is another button to call Alexa if you are busy enough to call out its name loudly. Rotating the dial is missing and replaced by tapping buttons.

Unique Features in Amazon Echo

It is not only the design that has changed in Amazon Echo setup. There are many other updates as well like the building of new Skills. The Voice recognition ability has improved a lot as compared to the original version. The latest version of the Amazon Echo is 148 x 88 x 88mm in size. The original one was 235 x 84 x 84mm.

The height has decreased with the increase in the waist. Its weight is 821g. The Amazon Echo smart speaker come in a variety of colors like Charcoal, grey, white, black, etc. The fabric options include Heather, Charcoal, and Sandstone. The finishing is either Walnut, Oak or Silver. Shell is usually made of plastic. Plastic shells versions are more costly than the fabric versions.

The unique feature of Amazon Echo is that it has an interchangeable shell. Whenever you decide to change the interior decoration of your living room, you can get a new shell for Echo speakers to match your living room interior. The plastic versions are available for £30/$30 and the fabric versions are available for £20/$20. This gives a stylish look to you Amazon Echo speakers. You also have the option of connecting your Amazon Echo speakers to hifi or other larger speakers. The Bluetooth enables it to have a wireless connection. It has an output socket (3.5mm) at the back. Alexa Echo price is very affordable.

Amazon Echo Review of Performance

Amazon Echo reviews show that its performance has impressed the users everywhere. Association with Amazon Alexa app starts the second generation Amazon Echo. Just give Alexa a command about using Echo speakers on your network, and it will take few minutes. From the settings, initiate a connection to the new device, select the right Echo Device icon, and follow the instructions to install Amazon Echo setup.

The real catch about learning to use Amazon Echo is somewhere else. You must know what you really want to ask from Alexa, what will work, and what it does not have the ability to do. Then you should know how to build skills to your Echo device. There are more than 30,000 apps for your smart speakers. There are Alexa Skills guides, which will help you out in this regard. Amazon also has a booklet to help you to start your device. These are effective and simple guides.

Amazon Echo Forecasts

Alexa can tell you about the weather forecast, what time it is, it can give the latest news, you can set a timer, you can listen to a book or a joke, and you just need to provide an input. In fact, you can do many things without setting up Skill. Amazon Echo can sing for you on your command. Just move to the Skills part of the Amazon Echo app and hook it to music apps like Amazon Music, TuneIn, or Spotify. You can also hook your Echo device to an app to control smart light of your home. You can also connect it to Google Calendar or Just Eat accounts.

Voice Clarity Comparison

Sometimes, Amazon Echo gets confused and trips itself but you need to give it a clear voice command for its proper functioning. It gets confused when you have connected two music accounts at a time. You can choose a music account as you major music service to prevent Amazon Echo from getting confused. This will also prevent you from repeating your voice command repeatedly. For example, if an Echo device in a next room is reading an audio book, it may cause distortion if you want your Echo device to read the similar book for you. This occurs occasionally, you have to play smart to use your Amazon Echo device. Association of Alexa and Amazon Echo deserve all the appreciation for making it easy to control your smart home.

The second-generation Amazon Echo device has a crisp sound quality. Whenever Alexa speaks, the users clearly and easily understand the voice. Amazon Echo has an array of seven microphones, which quickly picked up the voice when a user gives it a voice command. The new version of Amazon Echo has 2.6-inch woofer. Addition of Dolby gives it a more expansive sound but if you crank it, the sound quality becomes shaky. Echo starts to stress at low frequencies.

A Comparison of the Old and New Version

In comparison with the original Amazon Echo model, the latest version obviously wins both in terms of its advancements, better features, and in terms of its price as well. Alexa’ features have to get an upgrade. Echo can now help you make a call, which is a significant feature. The drop-in feature is also very essential.

You can call anyone upstairs when you are downstairs. It has a Routine feature, which is quite welcoming. Amazon Echo combines different things together that work with a single command. It allows you to get morning information about morning news bulletin and switch on your lights just by calling ‘Alexa, start my day’. Alexa Echo is an as amazing feature that may grow with the addition of more Skills. Its work is in progress like other Amazon feature.

Why Is It Easy To Use

The combining of devices of your smart home has improved to next level. This has made it an easier option to control multiple smart home devices from different manufacturers, by a single command. To smoothen your smart home further, you can always choose Amazon Echo Plus. It has the ability to give you a simple device discovery and works with different smart device hub because of ZigBee integration. If you are against using smart home technology, you can make use of Amazon Echo as a simple Bluetooth music speaker.

Amazon Echo is in tough competition with Aplle HomePod, Sonos, and Google Home because of their good functionality. Some reviews of Amazon Echo say that Amazon Echo does not have a good volume dial like that of Echo Plus and its association with Alexa is not as smart as Google assistant. However, its availability at a much lower price is a plus point. The Amazon Echo price is affordable which makes it a user-friendly device due to which it is preferred over similar devices.

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