Anker Bluetooth SoundBuds Headphones


Let us have a quick summary which features this wireless headphone is carrying with:

  • Sports hooks in different sizes allow you to adjust the tightness and sound quality.
  • Anker Bluetooth SoundBuds Headphones are very useful for enjoying music or having calls while exercising in the gym or having a walk. The metallic housing built-in mic (black) makes it quite convenient for receiving calls while keeping the mobile phone in the pocket.
  • When not in use, you can store the Anker Bluetooth SoundBuds Headphones in the travel pouch that comes with it.
  • With the internal NANO coating and water-resistant shell, you can use it in rain also without worry. Additionally, no worries of sweat now while using in the gym.
  • Anker Bluetooth SoundBuds Headphones comes with a price tag of $35.99 with an 18-month However, with the special 28% saving offer, you can have it in $25.99.

If you are looking for a reasonable set of wireless headphone/hands free, the Anker Bluetooth SoundBuds Headphones are for you. These headphones are reasonable not only in price but also in quality. The Bluetooth 4.1 lightweight stereo IPX5 ear buds are sweat resistant. Water and sweat resistance is such a superb quality that you cannot ignore this feature. Sometimes the hot and humid weather gets us sweating, especially in the inner ear parts while using headphones for a long time. This problem forces you to stop using the headphones. However, now with this Anker headphones’ new quality, you do not need to worry about sweat and rain water.

Storage Pouch

It has a storage pouch for keeping safe. When you do not need to use them, keep the Anker Bluetooth SoundBuds Headphones safe in the pouch. Battery life is fairly well with 7 hours at middle volume levels. Seven hours of battery is great for using the headphones while traveling. A USB charging cable comes with it, which can attach with a laptop too. If you are on the go and have a laptop, you can charge it easily. You can choose from four different silicone ear tips and three different sports hooks keep the bud locked in place. This feature is really a brilliant one, as it does not let the headphones fall off the ears.

Receiving Calls

Anker Bluetooth SoundBuds Headphones are magnetic and stay stuck with each other. They look like a pendant when they are hanging around your neck. Last but not the least; sound quality is also excellent. It can be very much better for receiving calls. Some people may not find it great for listening music but they are great for calls. The Anker Bluetooth SoundBuds Headphones are brilliant. This hands-free multi-quality headphone facilitates us because most of us do not keep the mobile phone in your hands.

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