Do You Love Playing Games? 6 Ways To Make A Living On It

Written by Rohani Egbert
10 · 08 · 20
Ways to Make Money by Playing Games | Lifestyleglitz

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”Mark Anthony

Who would’ve thought, a few decades ago, that love for playing games would be a medium to earn a good amount of money? There were times when people considered gaming for fun and leisure activities, but luckily, in today’s times, there are some ways by which you can make money through your gaming passion. However, it is not as easy as it seems to everyone.  Besides knowing the ways, you must have excellent playing skills in video games.

Keep reading to explore how you can make money sitting at home by just playing games:

Live streaming of your video game

If you are best at playing games, you can streamline your video online while you play.  

Many players would want to learn the best strategies, tricks, hacks, and more work that helps to become a professional gaming player. As per the experts at, broadcasting live is a new way to make money while strangers enjoy watching your game. This trend is so popular and will keep on growing in the future also. Platforms such as youtube can be used by many players to learn and make money.

Professional online gaming

Ever heard of eSports? No. What if we tell you that you can become a millionaire. It is a platform where you can make a crazy amount of money. In fact, it is quite a lucrative opportunity for professional video game players. Even younger people are making enormous money from eSports by playing games. So, you can try your luck. To make it in eSports, it is important that you are well aware of the tips and tricks before joining eSports. eSport is a billion-dollar industry that is expected to be worth $ 1.5 billion by 2020-21.

Video game testing

Game developers need testers to evaluate, find bugs, and give suggestions for the game developed in order to improve the final product before rolling out in the market for customers. They pay you for testing their games. If you can stand by for testing games, the job will pay you well. The annual average pay of a videogame tester is $44,564.

Before you begin to venture into making money through games, you just need to know about a few things that will help you become  a pro gamer:

Be best at what you do

To become best at anything, you need to learn tricks, tips, strategies, or all relevant knowledge required to excel in particular gaming. Thanks to the internet, we can find everything we look for when it comes to games. From watching and studying the best players to finding blogs, or podcasts on gaming, you will find it all on the internet. Keep on practicing what you learn and never give up until you become a pro at it.

Join a Gaming league 

Teamwork teaches you so many things, be it learning from how they play or watching each other’s strategies. You will learn to keep your emotions under control. You will also be able to build a friendly community. This allows you to share experiences with each other or make connections with others. When real competition comes, these teachings and experiences will help you become a good professional player. Build networks with other players and have fun playing, but don’t take things seriously on this platform.

Invest in the best equipment

It will be expensive to build a gaming PC, but if you are serious about making money from playing video games. Bad quality hardware makes you slow on achieving your targets while playing on PC. To enhance your gaming experience, buy the latest and quality equipment. You will be spending many hours on your PC playing games, and for this reason, you wouldn’t want your equipment to be outdated and of poor quality.  Also, bad equipment could impact your posture, eyes, and spine since you will be playing for longer time durations.

Over the last few decades, the gaming industry has evolved significantly and started offering amazingly new ways to earn money that didn’t exist before. To be successful in this career, it calls for excellent skills along with a lot of special skills.

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