How to Make Money – 5 Prolific Money-making Ideas for 2016/2017

Written by Aara Jones
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5 Prolific Ways to Make Money - Tried and Tested Ideas

You may have come across billions of articles that suggest ways to make money, but there is a problem with them. Most of them offer ideas that are not possible in your country or require a heavy amount of investment as capital. In fact, most of those ideas are ideal for the European world and don’t apply to the Middle East, Africa of Asian countries like Pakistan.

However, here’s my list of five prolific money-making ideas that will work for anyone, anywhere in the world.

1.      Making Money via Fiverr

Fiverr is where there is money for almost anything that you can do. Making money here is very easy, regardless of your talent. You can earn $5 per task you get from contractors looking for services you can offer. For example, if you are a freelancer, you can write and earn $5 per article. If you are a photo editor or an artist who can create logos, then also you have great potential here. Visit this website today to see what you can offer and make money. The stronger your profile becomes with time, the more you can earn by increasing your rates.

2.      Making Money via Upwork

Previously famous by the name oDesk and Elance, Upwork is an amazing platform for freelancers of all kinds. You may be a writer, an SEO technician, a programmer, or an engineer available for online consulting. There is a lot of work waiting for you and that too at your own price. It’s a place where there are contractors from all over the world, looking for the best people to work with. Signup today and start marketing yourself to make money on your terms.

3.      Write Books and Sell on Amazon Kindle

If you have enough knowledge about anything specific, write about it. Market your skills and share your knowledge. Amazon Kindle is where authors get the opportunity to self-publish themselves. If you’ve read the Book by Mona Sharif, titled “How to Use Your Knowledge and Expertise to Make Money,” you will benefit from it. If you haven’t, then we’d recommend that you do. It is available for everyone right here, even for those who cannot access Amazon, like people in Pakistan and Nigeria. You can write your book, set up an online bank account or use PayPal, and upload your book to start making money.

4.      Sell things on Facebook

Facebook is an amazing social media platform that continues to evolve and impress. It offers you the opportunity to make an online retail page and sell products. Moreover, in the near future, it will allow safe use of debit cards so that people can shop via Facebook and pay instantly. In the meantime, you can offer payment upon home delivery services and get payment for delivering products to the doorsteps of people in your country. Start small and within your area, and then gradually spread your wings.

5.      Make Money via Blogging

Most people in Pakistan don’t know this, but Google pays blogging websites. You can create a blogging website of your own, place adverts, and start earning money. Of course, Google doesn’t take this lightly and looks for high-quality content, which is why you need great content. Companies like Symbolic Text Developers are offering people who need high-quality content their expertise. They write content that is high quality, and satisfies U.S. standards, at the least possible prices. You can start with a small investment and hire their services to start earning from blogging.

Thank you for making time to read this blog. We hope these five innovative ways to make money help you.  Please feel free to share your thoughts about it down below because we will sincerely appreciate your comments. Do subscribe to our future blogs too.

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