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Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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Last weekend I ran into a friend who had just begun dating someone and expects lasting love. While I loved the enthusiasm and excitement about finding love, my friend opened up about how anxious the relationship was making her eventually. Like most relationships, we see in the present times, while the relationship started with several great and memorable moment, within a few weeks it started becoming awkward.

There is no doubt that the beginning of any lasting relationship comes with a lot of drama and misunderstandings. That’s because, in the beginning, you two don’t know what to expect from one another. You are actually investing into the relationship purely based on faith in each other; you are trying to trust one another. The fact is that you are taking risks by opening your heart to fall in love. However, unless you give it a chance, unless you take some risks, you cannot find lasting love.

I often hear people say they would rather not take the risk. Sadly, such people never find someone who loves them or someone they can trust. They keep their hearts closed. The first step is to open your heart and mind to the person. Be ready to take risks, be ready to heal if the relationship doesn’t go the way you want it to and be willing to let go.

4 Tips for Finding Lasting Love

Tip 1: Keep expectations realistic

Do not let your mind or heart take your emotions to cloud number nine too soon. Take things slow and keep room for flaws and failures. The person may seem perfect, but the truth is that no one is perfect. Besides, in the beginning, both of you want to please on another and make things possible. Do not make fake promises and do not fall for fake promises. Be realistic and practical, dare to take risks but with caution.

Tip 2: Don’t go to second base just yet!

Getting physically involved is just not an option. The way our lifestyle is today, 95% of the people in relationships don’t wait for marriage before consummating the relationship. Do not get into bed until you are married! Focus on making sure the person is compatible with you at every level. Spend enough time conducting a background check on the person.

Tip 3: Do not rush into making the person meet your friends and family.

Involve your friends and family only after you have made sure that everything about the person is right. If you notice some areas of concern or if you have doubts about certain behaviors and you discover them after introducing the person to the family, there will be lasting and negative consequences for your mental health.

Tip 4: Keep your eyes on the bigger picture

Remember, “If it is meant to be, it will be.” There is something called fate and destiny. Remind yourself constantly so that it will soothe your mind. Stay focused on the fact that if it is true love, both of you will find a way. If it’s a one-sided thing, then the entire risk, investing time and emotions, and waiting is not a good idea.

No relationship is easy! Finding lasting love isn’t easy! It takes a lot of fighting and many disagreements to find the right one. However, if things are just not working right, and if there are too many disagreements, it is better to move on from that person. The sooner you make up your mind, the better the chances that you will find the right person for you. Perhaps you would benefit from reading about What He Wants and What She Wants.

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