Makeup: The Trick to Look Younger

Written by Aara Jones
9 · 08 · 17
Makeup: The Trick to Look Younger - Lifestyle Glitz

Aging is one such process that no one (not even science) has a control over. It is the process of growing old. Putting it in a broader sense, aging reflects all the changes our body undergoes over the course of our lifetime. While some of us take it with grace, some cannot but help moan about the occurring changes. Let’s face it, many of us wish to look younger, and are always looking for ways to do so.

Aging begins in the 40s; however, some people begin to see the first signs of aging as early as the 20s with fine lines appearing around the eyes. Deep lines begin to show up around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead by the 40s as the skin begins to lose its elasticity. As the aging process sets in, our skin develops wrinkles, deep lines, and fine lines. When that happens, most of us wish we could stop the sagging and wrinkling taking place on our necks and noses. Most people even opt for surgical procedures such as eye lifts to get rid of the wrinkles. However, there are far safer and easier ways to look younger.

Consider the great power of makeup. Whenever I go out, I always make sure I have the necessary key makeup brushes and makeup in my handbag, so I can quickly dab on the makeup whenever necessary. I know, you must be thinking “pfft makeup! As if it is that easy and quick to do anywhere,” but in fact, it really is that easy and quick if you follow these few quick trick steps I have for you here.

Step 1: Get Your Skin Ready

The secret to doing flawless makeup does not lie in the makeup, but in fact in the condition of the skin. If your skin is naturally in good condition, you will not need a lot of makeup. Before applying foundation or eye makeup, start by applying a generous layer of a hydrating moisturizer all over your skin. This helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as helps plump up the skin to look younger and more vibrant. If your skin is too dry, dab some face balm over the driest areas. Also, apply some dot eye cream around your eyes to hide the dark circles (if you have them).

Step 2: Make Your Eyebrows Look Good

Most women face three common problems with their eyebrows.

  1. Eyebrows grow excessively and quickly
  2. Bad shape (too thick or thin)
  3. Extremely thinned-out brows (this usually happens as we age).

To make your eyebrows look good, all you need to do is get them professionally threaded and shaped, or you can do it on your own if you can. Once your brows are in good shape, simply use an eye pencil to fill them in to make them look beautifully full. This will magically take the years off your face and make you look younger.

Step 3: Give Your Face an Even Skin Tone

Use a good concealer to hide your dark circles further. If your skin has many red areas, a light concealer will not do the work. Use a stick foundation for such areas. Just make sure to apply the concealer and foundation evenly on areas needed only. Be careful not to apply too much to avoid caking.

Step 4: Add Dimension to Look Younger

I love sharing this trick with women. Add dimension to your face by applying a bronzer along the temples and jawline. This gives the face a fine chiseling illusion. Add some color to your face by using a big brush to dab the bronzer on your forehead, cheeks, and nose. The idea is to apply it on spots that the sun hits naturally.

Step 5: Give Your Eyes a Pretty and Mature Look

You don’t want to go overboard when applying makeup to your eyes, especially if you intend to look younger. So, quickly decide the look you want before you begin. Whether you want a light or a bold look, it is always best to start with a light hand. If you want light makeup, apply a neutral shade on your lid going up to the brow bone and apply an eye pencil to the lower lashes to smudge them lightly.

Besides, if you want a bolder look, apply a darker shade of contour shadow in the eye crease and blend the color in completely. If you feel you want to add more definition to the upper lid, apply fine thin eyeliner at the lashes. Don’t forget to apply a mascara in the end.

Step 6: Blush

A good dab of blush on your cheeks can be the perfect finishing for your makeup. However, I personally believe applying blush is not necessary all the time. I feel it really depends on your skin type. Blush essentially gives the cheeks a flush, but our skins naturally have the talent to blush, so, I feel we can skip this if it is not entirely necessary.

If you have a pale or light skin and dark hair, a blush will add some color to your face. If you have pink lips, blonde hair, and blue eyes, you already have good coloring going on, so it is fine to skip the blush. In truth, it really depends on what you feel like and prefers. Just look in the mirror and ask yourself whether you need a blush.

Step 7: Powder or No powder?

That is one tough question, but like the blush, it really depends on your preference. All you need to be careful of is to make sure you don’t look too pale, or your makeup does not look too overboard after applying it. If you decide that you want to use powder, now will be the best time to apply it – at the end, just before applying the lipstick.

Step 8: Apply Lipstick

You will be surprised at the wonders a simple lipstick can do. It can make you look younger or older. It is all about colors, though. A wrong choice can break your entire look. A dark shade of lipstick would look funny with a heavy and dark makeup. Go for a light lipstick shade or gloss if your eyes have dark makeup. Go for a bold color only if the rest of your makeup is light. Try a neutral lip color with a classic “smokey eye,” or light pink lipstick with a natural eye.

Once you have perfected these facelift steps to look younger, it should take you less than 8 minutes to get a quick makeover anywhere and at any time – and I mean ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME.

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By Saadia Imran

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