How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet

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How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet | Lifestyle Glitz

Spring-cleaning is a tradition known the world over. As a practice that seemingly transcends culture, Josh Clark writes for HowStuffWorks that Spring-cleaning is almost like a “biological imperative” that begins at the start of a new season. While we are well versed in a full-on home overhaul at the start of spring, this article is about shoe closet spring cleaning tips to make the most of your most treasured footwear.

How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet
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Tips for Spring cleaning your shoe closet

While many of us embrace the ritual of Spring-cleaning, few of us remember to incorporate our closets and footwear into this process. Part of keeping your home well-organized is having clear systems for day-to-day management of your belongings, how you choose what you bring into your home, and keeping yourself accountable. Shoes often get overlooked because they go straight beside the door or into a closet when you arrive home. There’s also a possibility that you’re short on space and just ‘making do’ with wherever you can stash your shoes. As part of the spring cleaning process for your shoe closet, the three tips below will make your life easier all-year round.

1. Style thoughtfully

You’re not alone if you constantly feel confused by the sheer volume of your belongings. A key hindrance for many of us is how overwhelmed we are by ‘stuff’. When it comes to your shoe closet, staying organized largely starts when you’re in a shop buying your next pair. Thoughtful shopping ensures that you are building a wardrobe of items you’ll wear again and again while feeling chic and prepared. Shoes play a big part in this because they can be the foundation or the finishing touch to most outfits.

When you’re in the process of buying shoes, you should be shopping with a clear list of ‘needs’ in your head. From here, when you’ve found a pair that suits your needs, mentally check if you can style the pair with three different outfits you already own. For example: a classic black heel should be wearable with work pants, a cocktail dress, and jeans. This will stop you hoarding shoes you don’t wear and also means quality over quantity.

2. Invest in care and repair

Building upon the point above, quality items really do go the distance. One way to manage your shoes properly is to invest in the best pairs you can and then have them cared for properly. This means finding a cobbler who can reheel your shoes and advise you on the best ways to look after them to keep them looking great year after year. Taking this kind of approach is also a way to justify a statement shoe that you adore and can wear beyond the fashion cycle. Shoes that you really love will transcend trends, are often more comfortable, and better made items will go the distance. As per the styling point above, part of staying organized is curating your belongings then caring for them properly.

How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet
Credit: Photo by Sonia Sanmartin on Unsplash

3. Organize for the seasons

Our last tip is to prioritize seasonal rotations of all your shoes and not throwing sandals to the back of the closet as you switch to heavier winter footwear! This is a huge no-no in terms of both peace of mind and proper shoe care. As the temperatures drop or spike (depending on where you live!), you should be carefully putting away the shoes that won’t be suitable for the coming months and bringing out the pairs you’ve stored for the previous seasons. Not only will you manage your space better, you’ll likely find that you can get dressed far more quickly. Another way this improves your overall shoe collection is that you will be able to audit your shoes regularly and, should this be warranted, you can have them serviced or repaired. And a final plus is that systemizing your shoe storage will contribute to how you systemize your home.

Get set to Spring Clean!

With this these tips to spring clean your closet above and this infographic from Gabor Shoes, ‘How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet’, you’re all set to properly look after your shoes of all different materials and update your storage as well. Happy cleaning — even if it’s not Spring where you are!

How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet

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