Should You Invest in Instagram Advertising?

Written by Aara Jones
9 · 22 · 20
Invest in Instagram Advertising? | Lifestyle Glitz

So, if you’re running a paid search and display ads through Google, you’re advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and some niche related sites. But, for some reason, you’re ignoring Instagram advertising, then it’s time to reconsider your decision.

Well, today is not the day to ignore Instagram. It might be the youngest than few users, from its parent company Facebook; still, it is the breakout star, with whom everyone wants to sit beside in a family dinner.

Instagram delivers a platform to communicate visual stories through various ad formats, and many advertisers have seen this channel yielding a higher Return on Investment, as compare to others.

In the present day, Instagram has 800 million active users, while 200 million people visit the Instagram business profile every other day. Give that it is stated than an average person spends 53 min on the app in a day; hence the potential reach for marketing on Instagram is gigantic.

The Instagram advertising platform delivers the highest engagement roles in marketing, which is the reason that more-and-more business leverages it to boost their sales. If you are a business owner and looking for reasons to invest in Instagram, don’t worry because there are many useful and helpful resources online.

Reasons on why you should invest in Instagram advertising:

Ø  Highest reach:

It is an undeniable fact that Instagram has the highest reach today. It was introduced in 2010, is now the third most popular app on the planet, leaving behind Facebook and YouTube.

The gigantic share of Instagram users is held by the United States, followed by India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Japan, and the UK follow close behind. But, what matters to your business, though, is what percentage of these people you can reach with ads. And hence, once you are up on Instagram, posting SEO optimized content, you are going to gain the highest reach.

Ø  Detailed targeting options:

Instagram advertising offer a detailed yet effective targeting option, enabling advertisers of small, midsize businesses to reach a specific audience suitable for their campaign, through

  1. Targeting of specific geographic areas (cities, countries, or regions)
  2. Targeting is based on demographics that include gender, age, and language used in the platform.
  3. Interest targeting based on favorite applications.
  4. Targeting is based on favorite activities.
  5. Uploading for a custom audience for targeting Instagram users.

Ø  Formatting:

Instagram generates a variety of ways to display SEO optimized content. Your post could appear when browsing stories, or when they go through a timeline or accessible on their explore page.

The opportunities are endless, and so are sales. The advertising content hits at many levels, and the name of your brand will appear on their minds as soon as they start scrolling.

Ø  Association with Facebook:

As stated earlier, Facebook is the parent company for Instagram since it owns Instagram from 2015. The two co-existed and linked with each other. Therefore, when you sign up for advertising on Instagram, you automatically broaden the range of your advertising.

Facebook is a social media giant, and if Instagram functions under its wing, the brand is reaching heights. In other words, advertising on Instagram gets you to access Facebook’s rivaled database of information.  It acquires the ability to pinpoint your audience, making sure the thumb scrolls down on your brand.

Ø  Diversity related to types of Ads:

Instagram acquires diversity related to ads. The ad types are differentiated by the name of stories ad, video ads, collection ads, carousel ads, photos ads, etc.

  1. Photos Ads: The type of ads, which is a simple yet effective branding strategy.
  2. Video Ads: Video Ads are known to receive twice the engagement percentage of other Ad formats.
  3. Story Ads: The ads appear in the browsing of a grid of user’s stories, published by his/her list of followers.
  4. Carousel Ads: The ads are a series of photos are videos, and a link to the website incorporated into them.
  5. Collection Ads: The ads are conversion-customized type ads, which enable targeted users to explore.

How Small Businesses Maximize Instagram

As a small business or even as a start-up, you have many options to avail on Instagram to promote your business. First, you need to know what you need in order to start with your target audience. You must read every possible tip and information about Instagram advertising that you can find online.

There are two methods of advertising on Instagram that work for small and start-up businesses:

  1. Free Marketing – This means sharing informative posts and informative images without paying for them. Make them catchy and attractive.
  2. Paid Marketing – This means paying for the ads via Facebook Business Manager and working towards lead generation and sales via ads.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Adverting?

The real benefits of Instagram advertising include:

Access to a huge community on Instagram – There are as many as 700 million users on Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are Connected – Now you can easily access the Facebook data to refine your target audience and use this to optimize your Instagram advertising.

Instagram is a non-intrusive platform – This means you have lesser chances of annoying your target audience.

Higher engagement rate on Instagram – Generally the engagement on Instagram is much better than it is on other social media platforms.

Easy to integrate with Shopify – If you own a website that is made using Shopify then you can make the most of it with Instagram. You can sell products much easily on Instagram with a Shopify website.

Easy access via smartphones – Nowadays everyone is using at least one smartphone. Instagram advertisement allows you to be visible to more people because your ads show in their stories. You can get more attention on Instagram feeds than on Facebook or other social media platforms.

Better ROI – In terms of return on investment, Instagram often proves more productive than other platforms. Although most experts say that Instagram ads are expensive, they are more effective for product-based businesses.

In conclusion:

Now that you know the right information about Instagram advertising and how to make money on Instagram, why don’t you set up a business profile and watch your numbers reaching the sky, as people get to view your SEO optimized content?

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