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PS4 Pro vs One X - A Very Difficult Comparison

Long in the works as Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, the highly anticipated Xbox One X launched early in November at a starting price of $499. It promises to be the best gaming console yet from Microsoft since the company announced its ambitious plans to lead the 4K gaming scene. A comparison of PS4 Pro vs One X is worth looking into.

You may ask what is so exciting about 4k gaming. By playing games with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, you get the same visual quality that you get when you watch in a movie theatre. In addition, this is the new competing arena for console makers. Let us analyze the PS4 Pro vs One X competition at a detailed level.

Xbox One X v PS4: Hardware

How a gaming console looks from the outside is very important because the external appearance of the device needs to match the aesthetics demand of the user. It also needs to be easily portable and durable.

When comparing the PS4 Pro vs One X, the One X comes across as a powerful device and it feels like one in every way. Weighing 8.4 pounds and measuring 11.8 inches by 9.4 inches, the device is sturdy, compact and heavy.

Although it is not the smallest console in its line, it has by far the slimmest dimensions of all previous consoles. Apart from this, there is nothing more to compliment the Xbox One X for its appearance, as it presents a stark black rectangular block appearance.

In contrast, the PS4 Pro, also known as the PS4 Neo, is lighter (7 pounds) but larger (15.6 inches by 11.6 inches). It comprises of three blocks—one more than the Xbox One X. However, it looks slightly more appealing than its competitor does.

PS4 Pro vs One X Specs and Processor Speed

The processing speed lies at the heart of a gaming console. No console is useful if it cannot bring out the best in any game or VR effects. Starting with PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S specs for processing capacity, 8-core processor power both the consoles.

However, the Xbox One X has a slightly greater processing capacity thanks to the 2.3GHz processor compared to the 2.13GHz processor in the PS4 Pro. All of this translates into faster game loading and high responsiveness to user controls.

Therefore, in the PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X Specs competition, the Xbox One X takes the lead in processing speed.


Having the right number of ports with the correct placement makes gaming a lot more convenient. The Xbox One X comes with multiple ports. In addition to the power port, you also get one USB port in the front and two ports in the back. There are also in and out ports for HDMI, an IR out port, Ethernet jack, and an S/PDIF. However, for Kinect input, users still need to use an adapter.

With the PS4 Pro, you get two USB ports in the front and one at the back. All the other ports are similar to the Xbox One X, with the exception of the HSMI-in port, and are located at the back of the console.

Due to the presence of the HDMI-in port, the Xbox One X wins the PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X Specs war since it allows the user to use the console to watch television in addition to gaming.


Of course, the graphics quality is where the real competition lies between the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. This time around, the competition is between Xbox One X teraflops and PS4 Pro teraflops. The Xbox is equipped with six TFLOPS graphical horsepower compared with 4.12 TFLOPS for the PS4 Pro.

This gives it an edge in terms of loading high-quality graphics due to the high Xbox One X teraflops. The Xbox One X also has 326GB/s bandwidth compared to just 218GB/s for its competitor. Furthermore, when it comes to memory, the Xbox One X has 12GB compared with 8GB for the PS4 Pro.

When it comes to running 4K content, the Xbox One X offers better and more natural compatibility for 4K games. However, despite offering fewer PS4 Pro teraflops compared to the One X, the PS4 Pro has made up for its weakness by creating image quality similar to 4K using less power.

This technique is ‘checkerboarding,’ which enhances the quality of a 1080 resolution image to 2160 resolution. The change in picture quality is too minimal to be noticeable.

Clearly, in all aspects of PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S specs graphics performance, the Xbox One X promises superior performance compared to the PS4 Pro. The result of this lead in graphics quality is that players can view all games on the Xbox One X in Ultra HD and it can run at 1080p. In contrast, users have to select the PS4 Pro settings separately.


One X Added Functionality

Any comparison of the Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro specs also includes gaming quality. Third party games, as well as exclusive games, set a good console apart from the others. The Xbox One X offers the added functionality of being compatible with games offered in previous formats. Therefore, users will be able to play older games on the Xbox One X with better quality graphics.

4K Content

It is also likely that the console will come with some virtual reality-enabled functionality and the HDR 10 standard. Another added feature is that the console supports Ultra HD Blu-ray technology along with Dolby Atmos. This means that the Xbox One X does not just stream 4K content; it can even play it directly from a disc. This is something that the PS4 Pro cannot do, although it is limited simply streaming 4K content.

One flaw in the Xbox One X is that it does not offer any exclusive games. As everyone in the gaming industry knows, the number and quality of exclusive games offered by the manufacturer directly affect the value of any console.

HDR Standard and HD Blu-ray

In contrast to the Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro specs rivalry; the PS4 Pro only supports the HDR Standard and HD Blu-ray without offering support for Dolby Atmos. However, it does offer a plethora of exclusive games in addition to third-party games.

Some of the best-loved exclusive games include Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh and Bloodborne. The PS4 Pro is also a better option for gamers who like single-user games. The PS4 Pro offers loads of such games that too with VR functionality. It does not seem likely that the Xbox One x will be able to compete with the PS4 Pro on this front.

The verdict on Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Neo debate seems to be a mixed one. While the Xbox One X offers greater flexibility and creates fewer compatibility issues than the PS4 Pro, it does not offer anything in the way of exclusive games.

Virtual Reality

VR is no longer an option in modern gaming consoles. That debate is as dead as the Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Neo comparison. Any console worth its name has to have an efficient and impactful VR functionality. As of present, there is no certainty about whether Xbox One X will come with VR functionality or with its own VR headset.

There have been reports that a wireless VR device is in the works but there is no substantive confirmation on that front. It is clear, however, that Microsoft is not interested in bringing out a VR headset that will not be wireless because of safety issues.

On the other hand, the PS4 Pro offers the facility of using the PS VR headset. It can work with older versions of the console as well to play some of the most famous VR games from Sony. For a first, in the PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio competition, the PS4 Pro fares better than the Xbox One X for VR performance.

No 4K TV? No Problem

Let us accept it. Buying a 4K TV is not for everybody. However, that does not mean you cannot afford to enjoy 4K gaming. Both the consoles featured here come with a supersampling feature through which you can get much better graphics quality even with a traditional 1080p screen resolution.


In terms the PS4 Pro vs One X price war, the Xbox One X is at least £100 pricier than the PS4, which launched last year for a price of £349.99. However, the increase in price is definitely worth the quality the user gets in terms of both performance and gaming quality. We believe that the Xbox One X offers better value for money than the PS4 Pro.

A Word of Advice

The Xbox One X is superior to the PS4 on virtually every count. The specs are amazing and the Boost Mode takes the gaming experience to a completely new level. However, there are no exclusive games; something that Sony’s PS4 Pro has loads of.

In addition, it is not yet certain whether the console comes with a VR headset for every device. However, keep in mind that you will not get the best punch out of it unless you have a 4K display.

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