Thanksgiving 2017 – Gearing Up for a Fabulous Holiday

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Thanksgiving – Gearing Up for a Fabulous Holiday

Thanksgiving 2017 is on 23 November, which is the fourth Thursday of the month. You have exactly 10 days to plan and prepare for a splendid celebration. In the United States, people make the most of it with amazing dinner plans. Even celebrities have something special to give their fans to talk about each year. The tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving has been around for hundreds of year, especially in the Canada, Liberia, and the Caribbean Islands. Germany and Japan also have similar celebrations. The days may vary though, for instance, in Canada, it is on the second Monday of October. In other places, too the days vary.

What Your Thanksgiving 2017 Should Include

Catch Up with Friends and Family!

Let us not be mistaken about this. It is not just about enjoying a big meal. There is more to this festivity, and the most important part of it is our friends. After all, the more people you share your turkey with, the merrier it would be. Millions of families across the United States will have turkey as the main dish on the Thanksgiving 2017 menu. Spice it up, marinade it, and roast it to make it mouthwatering and irresistible. Serve it with the best wine in your collection and make wonderful memories with friends and family. In the U.S.A., there is an annual Thanksgiving Day parade too. You might want to be a part of it! Between 9-11 am, you can see the streets bustling with exciting performances.

Don’t Forget Black Friday

Following the fun and crazy excitement of Thanksgiving is Black Friday! It will happen on the very next day, fourth Friday of November. What’s big is that now the USA is not the only country celebrating this day. The custom has gone universal and other countries are joining in the fun. Puerto Rico, Liberia, Canada, Grenada, and some countries in Asia are also adopting the Black Friday. However, the day may vary, as Canada celebrates it on the second Monday of October.

What is Thanksgiving by Definition?

Thanksgiving is a public holiday, which according to history originated as a harvest festival. People would say special thanks and prayers to rejoice and enjoy the new harvests. The history of this celebration has its roots in the culture of the North American people who lived at the time of the Protestant Reformation period. This was sometime in early sixteenth century Europe. While most people know what is thanksgiving, let us revisit a short story.

The Story to Revisit for Thanksgiving 2017

According to some people, there is a story behind celebrating this day. In 1620, some pilgrims arrived on American soil and made their home in Plymouth, south of the present day Boston. However, unfortunate for them, they arrived at the beginning of a harsh winter. Rations were low and times were tough. They waited until spring and planted crops using some help from the Native American tribe, then known as Squanto.

The Squanto people taught them how to hunt and fish, and how to plant corn, squash, and pumpkin. Using these new skills, the immigrants began storing their food for the next harsh winter. The next harvest was successful and so, in return for the kindness of the Squanto people, they celebrated the harvest season and named it Thanksgiving.

What is Black Friday by Definition

It is simply the day after Thanksgiving. According to Wikipedia, since 1952, people in the US regard Black Friday as a Christmas Shopping Season. Major retailers open early, offer amazing promotions and discounts to make the highest sales and profits. It is not an official holiday but some countries have a holiday on this day because it is the next day after Thanksgiving. You need to stay tuned for the upcoming Thanksgiving 2017 deals on famous online stores and those in your neighborhood. You can get the best gifts at takeaway prices.

Planning Your Thanksgiving 2017 Menu

Typically, a Thanksgiving menu comprises of at least roast turkey, winter vegetables, and roasted sweet potato casserole. The idea is to make a menu that resembles a perfect British Christmas dinner. To top it up, there ideally should be pumpkin pie with walnut crust.

Thanksgiving Deals & Black Friday Shopping

Since there is less than two weeks before Thanksgiving Day 2017 USA festivities begin, most stores have started promoting their upcoming sales. Here are some Thanksgiving deals you would not want to miss: has famous names announcing their special offers. For starters, Walmart stores will be open all day on Thanksgiving. While most others may be closed, you can be sure to find something great at Walmart. The sales will start at 6 pm. At the same time, online shoppers can get early deals and make the most of it starting at 12:01 am on the night of Thanksgiving.

Two of the hottest deals you can make the most of are:

  • The Season’s Hottest Games and Toys – You will get your hands on the exclusive Hatchimals Golden Lynx Egg, which is a special buy at $49.88 only. Other items include the Frozen Sleigh 12-Volt Ride at ($198 only) allowing you to save $100. You can get some popular board games too, like Monopoly, Connect 4 and others at less than $10.
  • Smart Televisions – Now is the best time to get one of the best smart televisions at amazingly low prices. The LG 49-inch Class 4K Smart TV is available at as low as $328, the Element 39-inch Class Smart TV is up for $125 only.

You can see more deals here.

Target will open at 6 pm on Thanksgiving eve. It will be open for six hours and stay open all night into Black Friday. The ad came up today, giving potential buyers a clear idea of what to expect so that they can make the most of their Thanksgiving deals. You can click here to get more information about their deals and items on sale.

Other Thanksgiving 2017 Deals

Here is a quick list of other exciting Thanksgiving 2017 deals that you can check out and avail.

AAFES Toy Book

Bass Pro Shops

Big Lots



Claire’s Cyber


Dell Small Business

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dollar General 

Five Below

Fred’s Pharmacy


Guitar Center







Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Office Depot & OfficeMax

Pet Supplies Plus


Rite Aid

Sam’s Club Holiday Preview Ad

Sears Hometown Stores



Tractor Supply

True Value



Facts about Thanksgiving You Didn’t Know

  • Thanksgiving was not a tradition until 200 years
  • The first festival was a 3-day event
  • The native Americans/ Indians killed 5 deer for the pilgrims during the event
  • there were no pumpkins nor tomatoes
  • Probably cranberries
  • 1789 was when the first ever annual holiday was announced
  • An American writer Sarah Josepha Hale who wrote Mary Had a Little Lamb was inspired from the Thanksgiving story.

Wait there is more… here is a video worth watching:

Share your Thanks giving plans with us! We would love to hear all about it. If you have more ideas, then share those too.

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