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11 · 16 · 17
Xbox One X: All You Need to Know | Lifestyle Glitz

7 November 2017 was the official Xbox one x release date. Since then, the Xbox One X has been making waves. Microsoft announced its latest and most modern gaming console a few years back. If you are wondering what is Xbox Scorpio then relax. There is nothing much to it. Back then the One X version was called the Scorpio version while it was in the making for one and a half years. Today, it is one of the premium gaming consoles, marketed as one due to its 4K resolution and 60fps quality. Now the console has officially launched in the market and it is available at major retailers. This is a good time to get a lowdown on how it performs and whether it is better than the earlier version in any significant way in this Xbox one x review.

To be fair, the Xbox One X is indeed the most impressive gaming console one can buy today. Compared to the earlier One S model, it offers faster processing and more impressive graphics quality. The feature that stands out the most is that Xbox One X offers 4k quality which allows the gamer to view images in 3840p x 2160p resolution, a great number of notches above the traditional resolution. In doing so, the Xbox One X takes the competition to an all-new level, forcing competitors like the PS4 to up their game in the resolution area.

Specifics of the Xbox One X


In terms of appearance, the Xbox One X is a great beauty. It is not flashy but presents a clean, neat look with finished edges and surfaces. It is clearly smaller and more compact than the earlier version, measuring 11.8 inches by 9.4 inches. Xbox One is also heavier due to the enhanced processing capacity and can weigh 8.4 pounds. It is also quite slim, which means that it will not occupy too much space and will be easy to pack and carry around. Other than that, the Xbox One X looks every bit like a regular gaming console—plain, functional and non-distracting.

Do not worry about what is Xbox Scorpio because it is the same thing as the Xbox One X. It is not a different version. One important difference with the previous version is that in this model, the exhaust fan has moved from the top of the console to the rear. We believe this is a smart move because it will provide a greater area for the air to move out.

However, this also means that the console may not fit in as neatly in the existing setup in your gaming center. Despite this, you can position the console vertically as the S version, or horizontally if you like to stack up your games on top of it. The console does not come with a proper stand, which means you will have to make some space for it on your shelf. Microsoft could have at least done this if they are charging $500 for the new console.


Since the announcement of the Xbox One X pre order date, there is a lot of anticipation about the processing performance of the console. As far as the processing capacity is concerned, the Xbox One X is at least four times as powerful as the older S version. It also comes with much bigger memory bandwidth to allow a more responsive gaming experience. The computing capacity is excellent and something we have never seen before, thanks to the fact that the machine has a dynamic 8-core processor with a speed of 2.3GHz. The console also comes with a 12GB memory with an additional 9GB to deliver high-quality graphics. This means that the gaming experience is extremely superior to what we are familiar with now.

When it comes to hard disk space, we are in for a letdown because the Xbox One X only has 1TB of hard disk space. This does not seem as impressive as the enhancement in other areas of the console. Therefore, it is advisable to have an external hard drive to ensure that there is adequate space available for all your favorite games. This should not be a problem because the device allows games to run on an external drive.


A machine as impressive and high-performance as the Xbox One X Scorpio edition is bound to heat up quickly. However, thankfully, it never seems too hot to the touch even when it is running the most resource-intensive 4K games. This is a great success for Microsoft considering the fact that the console has 6 teraflops (TF) of processing power. The latest console from Microsoft has a highly efficient cooling system to keep it operating at a safe temperature. The console has an internal vapor chamber that allows heat to transfer to the back of the machine along a copper pipe to a heat sink. Fans help to cool down the gas-liquid mixture to a safe level.


The Xbox One X impresses with the manner of integration of the ports into the body. Multiple ports for different uses are part of the design. As usual, there is one port for the power cable. Apart from this, there are two rear USB ports and a third one in the front. In addition, you get an in-port and an out-port for HDMI as well as an IR out port. There is also an Ethernet jack and an S/PDIF. If you have used the previous S version of the Xbox, you will find a lot of similarity between the two models. You also get the Wi-Fi connectivity and a Blu-ray player with the console, all of which we have already seen in the earlier version.


If the price of Xbox One X is anything to go buy ($500), then it has to have exceptional performance. With the earlier version, we could get a resolution that was close to 4K but not quite the real thing. The previous version used a method called ‘checkerboarding’ to make a traditional screen resolution appear much more enhanced. With the Xbox One version, the makers have taken the technology high enough to bring us authentic 4k resolution and Ultra HD images. In addition, the image is clearly visible as the images are much sharper and realistic.

The new specs of the Xbox One X Scorpio edition mean that playing different types of Xbox One X games, including highly immersive ones, will be an excellent experience. There is no need to update the console for any game since it is compatible with all new as well as older games that we have been enjoying for several years. Perhaps the single biggest drawback with this console is that it does not support many exclusive games. There are a few that it can support but it seems that Microsoft is not too keen on locking in gamers with alluring and exciting exclusive games. While Microsoft is entitled to their strategy, we believe that it takes away some of the novelty from the latest console.


No Xbox One X review would be complete without discussing the graphics. The quality of the graphics is simply superlative. Whether you are playing Gears of War or any other immersive game, the colors, lighting, and motion are extremely realistic, giving the scenes a very natural depth and range. The images in Ultra HD are highly sharp and clear. A frame rate of 60fps means that the transition between different actions and scenes is seamless.

Another aspect of the console that enhances the Xbox One X games experience is that it complies with the HDR 10 standard, Blu-ray performance, and Dolby Atmos. The only letdown in terms of graphics is that these are limited to on-screen graphics. Surprisingly, there is no VR functionality with the Xbox this time around. What makes it an even bigger disappointment is the flimsy excuse given by Microsoft. Apparently, they do not want to offer a VR headset until they can make one available in a wireless format. This is a move to ensure safety for the gamer, but it puts a damper on our expectations.


Starting 7 November 2017, the official Xbox One X release date, the console has been the fastest selling holiday product. The release was worldwide on the same day. Interest people can buy it from Amazon and other dealers of Microsoft gaming products. The price of Xbox One X is £450 at the time of its launch in the UK, which is pricey, to be honest. In the US, the price is $500. However, it is a fair price if you look at the sophisticated level of technology and gaming experience quality that it offers.


Overall, the Xbox One X is an excellent investment since it relies on the most updated technology. This makes perfect sense for why gamers were excited about the Xbox One X pre order date. It is the most powerful console on the market offering a 4k resolution, which is something no other console can offer at the same level of quality. Xbox is faster, quieter and gives much better graphics quality than the S version. It offers Ultra HD imagery and Blu-ray functionality. Some minor issues may be of some concern, foremost of which are the limited hard disk space, lack of VR functionality, and high price.

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