Benefits And Drawbacks Of Air Die Grinder

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Air Die Grinder

A die grinder is a versatile, handheld power tool used to fine-tune, polish, grind, sand, or machine material, usually metal but also plastic or wood material. The die grinders are normally driven pneumatically, although there are also models with electric and flexible shaft drive Die grinders range from a small handheld model to top bench models. Many die grinders are operated by air but electrical models are also available.

Advantages of Air Die Grinders

  • Owing to the various extensions and burr bits that you can add to them (or position into them) air die grinders have variety of uses and functions. Hence, these tools are capable of grinding, cutting, polishing, cleaning, sheer, and doing much more than “grinding the die.”
  • Air die grinders use a lot of air but for a long time, a small 20-gallon compressor can keep a die grinder running. Pneumatic die grinders are cheap and simple to use and heavy-duty, provide more torque to extract heavy materials, and are the preferred tool for machinists and pattern makers.
  • Air-powered grinders come in many different styles, including regular, 90 °, and 45 °. This refers to the head angle versus the grip of the tool. Using grinders and burr bits, straight grinders usually provide more power for precise work, while angle-head tools work well for tight spaces and pre-work sanding/surface. The air-powered grinder speed is controlled via the throttle on the handle.
  • Great velocity: 10,000 rpm means quick material removal with minimal effort on your part. Every bit of cutting or grinding will work, as long as it is rated at very high speeds (wire wheels need more care).
  • Low cost: For as little as $20, an air-powered die grinder can be purchased, the more costly models, of course, have stronger internals and last longer.
  • Enduring service: The grinder can work as long as you can, as long as the compressor stays up.

Drawbacks of air die grinders

Requires Air

To run a die grinder, you must have a good air compressor; small pancake-style compressors cannot support such an air machine. With a 20-gallon tank, a 3-hp compressor is about the smallest you can get away with.


You’re attached to an air hose, which sometimes turns into a real movement problem. If the hose is snagging on something, it might cause a major problem. The trick to fastening is to attach the hose to the bench or other stable surface and then use a light-flexible coil hose. Mobility makes a huge difference.

While Purchasing Air Die Grinder Remember These Points

  • Choose only air-powered, shorter, and lighter but have speed and power specs comparable to an electric air grinder. However, when working with it, an air grinder is louder. You will need to have an air compressor that has the correct CFM level to operate the device
  • When you work with an air die grinder, you would be constrained by the air compressor you are using. As such, if you’re working on difficult projects, you’ll run out of the air and will have to wait to use the grinder for a re-filling of the fuel.
  • Air Grinders (a few, not all) can get cold after too long in use.

Before using the grinder, make sure you connect it to a compressor so that it provides just the right air pressure needed for the machine. If you do not set up the right compressor, i.e. if it is low or too big, you will have to wait for it to refill before proceeding. If you do not have a compressor already then buy an electric die grinder.

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