The Emporium Mall Lahore Review

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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The Emporium Mall Lahore Review

Emporium Mall by Nishat Group, Adjacent Lahore International Expo Center, Abdul Haque Road, Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan.

I love visiting new places and eateries. After moving to Lahore from Karachi, I have many numerous places to dine and explore. While I’ve been busy doing that, the Emporium Mall was one of the most looked-forward-to places for me. I will share why in some other blog when it is time to share more about myself. For now, this blog is all about reviewing “THE EMPORIUM MALL” by Nishat Group.

I think there is a lot of hype and charisma to the Emporium because it is by one of the greatest industries and leading textile firms in Pakistan. It is a completely well-deserved hype and fame if you ask me. On a scale of 10, I’d give the Emporium mall different scores for different aspects I will cover in my review. The mall is too big for anyone to sum up my review in just a few sentences. That wouldn’t do justice to this remarkable addition to the grandeur of Lahore.

The Emporium Mall is Large Enough to Make You Go “WOW”

I happened to set my eyes on it for the first time, while it was still in the initial stages. It was remarkable and breathtakingly huge! The project is 11-storey tall and spreads across 2.7 million square feet. The structure is home to more than 200 stores all in one place and comprises of a five-star hotel as well. There’s no doubt that this mall is the largest one in all of Pakistan. Its design aims to accommodate as many as 44,000 visitors per day. For the size, I’d score it 10/10.

Construction and Cost of the Project

Owned by Nishat Group, the idea was to go biggest, not being the first of anything anymore. That’s something Nishat has made a name for over the past several decades, so this new idea was due and rightful. The construction cost nothing less than PKR25 billion. It includes the Universal Cinemas, which has a nine-screen multiplex and is the largest in Pakistan. There is a large food court with sitting arrangement to accommodate as many as 3000 people. I feel somehow disappointed though because I’ve visited three times and there is never space to sit. It’s a struggle to find a place to sit. I may be wrong to assume this but I think they are short of 3000 seating arrangements.

Moreover, there are other exciting and entertaining areas like the Fun Factory Park for kids. Parents can take their kids to the mall for a nice time. Apart from that, Emporium Mall is home to “Hyperstar”, and this particular one is the largest hypermarket in Pakistan. There are other eateries, coffee shops, a few banquet halls, restaurants, and The Bounce. That’s not all, the Emporium has a five-star hotel adjoining it, and this project will have 110 rooms, with a solar panel for power backup.

My score for the construction is definitely 8/10. It is a remarkable project and I feel the people handling it are trying to do a great job of it. However, I saw some weaknesses or flaws (perhaps) that I feel needed better precision and meticulous attention. They could do better in terms of refinement, or maybe they haven’t used very good quality materials in the construction. I would hope with time, they further refine those weaknesses to improve the ambiance. It’s not always about décor, the paint, the stairs, and quality of walls is important in my opinion. Something is missing somehow.

Home to Over 200 Brands

What I really love about Emporium is that for a person like me who is oblivious to the renowned brands in Pakistan, the Emporium is a one-stop solution. I have learned a lot about makeup brands like Inglot, clothing brands like Nishat, Khaadi, and Saphire too. The Gul Ahmed brand and Maria B are also some of my favorite. You can find loads of amazing and famous brands there for not just clothing, but anything from kids’ accessories to furniture and crockery. Yes, the place where you can see and find everything you need for the ideal Pakistani lifestyle. For this, my score is 9/10. Yes, short of one for a good reason!

I feel some brands are there but they are not living up to the splendor of The Emporium. For example, I decided to have a cup of coffee and to be honest, it was plain water in taste, forced to be hot and sweet with creative designs for aesthetic appeal. People!!! Give me a break; coffee must be “Coffee,” not dilute milk with a pinch of sugar and a drop of horrid cream. I would recommend that the management team should check if every brand there does justice to the excellence of The Emporium. Those that don’t live up to the expectations should leave rather than taint the impression of this giant.

Yes, the food court is living up to the expectations. I liked the food in terms of menu and taste. They do need to speed things up a bit and manage seating arrangements better, though. I also loved the Texas Chicken and I would recommend it to you.

Lighting and Ambience

I’d say the lighting and ambiance of the mall are amazing. It is bright, decent, and very appealing. They have done a great job with creativity and making sure everything looks appealing to the eyes. It is a place where everyone would feel at home and welcome. My rating for this is 10/10. They could still do more to please their guest if they want.

Restrooms and General Cleanliness

Well, good work. I like the sophistication and quality of the materials used and design of the washrooms. Cleanliness too was impressive, and for now, my score on this is 10/10. I hope that with the increasing visitors the management maintains the good work. I’ve seen places crumble when it comes to hygiene in washrooms.

Parking and Exit

The parking lot is amazing and wow! It has underground valet parking space that can easily accommodate not less than 2000 vehicles. You get a ticket to time your parking and it is all very smooth at entry and exit too. The charges for hours beyond three are also very reasonable, and I hope it stays that way.

I’d give parking and exit 9/10. Yes, it’s short of perfect! Here’s why… I have one concern. On each visit, while heading up the ramp there is an annoying go-slow that needs attention. What happens if cars fall back due to any reason? Not everyone driving the car is an expert and holding the car at a standstill on a slope. Sometimes, aged people are driving too, and I’d not speak well of a go-slow at such a sloping ramp. There is ample space for parking outside too, but at owners’ risk. Perhaps such a magnanimous project deserves two exits, not just one.

Location – Ideal for a Colossal Structure

The location is ideal. A humongous structure does deserve all the space it can get. After all, the Emporium Mall is a place where you would want to go and spend time. When you need time away from the hassle bustle of life, or when you want to find some peace and relax after a hectic day. My score for this is definitely 10/10. You can check their contact details at the end of this post.

For those who wonder why the Chairman of Nishat Groups, Mr. Mian Mohammad Mansha has invested in such a project, here are his own words as reported by

“With the aim to regenerate consumer vitality and introduce a premium retail experience to Pakistan, the Nishat Group is proud to showcase the country’s most ambitious retail complex, The Emporium Mall. This landmark project is set to change the commercial face of the city and make it a retail destination of choice for people across the country and indeed, the region.”

Before wrapping up, I’d also like to mention that the fame of The Emporium extends abroad. The newly appointed British High Commissioner also had a review of this giant. He said, “It’s projects like these which overcome the perception that will in the end pull Pakistan out of the perception as a place of security concerns, and instead be seen as a place of hope, a place of potential and that’s a huge market so congratulations on what you’ve done so far.”

Would You Visit the Emporium Mall?

Yes! You would if you are visiting Lahore. You wouldn’t want to miss it for anything. Trust me it’s worth it!

Contact Details:

T: +92 42 3259 2000



If you’ve already visited the Emporium, we’d love to know your review of it on a scale of 1-10. Tell us why you think your score is fair and justified as well. Click here to read our previous post “Feng Shui Used in a Corporate Environment” in case you missed it. To read more about amazing lifestyle tips, keep visiting us on We are all you need for a great and happy lifestyle!

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