Timmy’s Burgers, Shakes, and Pizza – Must Check Out

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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Timmy's Burgers, Shakes, and Pizza - Must Check Out

Okay so I happened to visit this amazing eating joint in DHA, Z-Block and every bite was to-die-for! If you are a foodie and if you haven’t visited this place then I wonder what you’ve been doing with your time in Lahore. Out of a score of ten, I will rate Timmy’s (this branch to be specific) 9/10.

I am a chocolate enthusiast, and although I cannot take sweets, so much I couldn’t resist trying the Dark Chocolate Shake at Timmy’s. We also ordered a number of other things, like coca cola, a burger, and a grand pizza. It was lunch and my colleague and brother accompanied me to have a quick bite there one fateful day.

We waited patiently after placing the order, and although I was about to conclude the services are too slow, just in the nick of time, the waiter brought our goodies and set them up.

The Menu at Timmy’s

The menu is nothing traditional but completely Western. You can get some of the juiciest burgers, seafood, a lineup of amazing pizza options, and some special shakes too. There is a Timmy’s Treat, Timmy’s Veggie Garden for vegetarians, and then there is the Timmy’s Chicken Club, and Timmy’s Meat Street. I haven’t tried the Timmy Full House, but I reckon it is amazing. They have the option for the extra topping but I felt this was a deal breaker and wasn’t worth it. However, I loved the chips! They were nice and definitely crispy.

Rating: 9/10


I felt the prices were fair enough. They do justice to the taste and quality of food you get there. I wouldn’t say it is cheap exactly, but yes fair enough and worth it.

Rating: 8/10


I think it is quite neat and the services were quick enough. They could improve though.

Rating: 9/10

Ambiance and Lighting

I think there is a serious need for improvement in the Timmys at Y-Street DHA. They could improve the lighting and furniture to make it a warmer ambiance of sorts. The seats weren’t exactly inviting or appealing but okay.

Rating: 8/10.

They also offer home delivery, which I haven’t tried yet but I plan to eventually. If you have tried it or visited Timmy’s, feel free to share your opinions with me down below in comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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