Feng Shui Used in a Corporate Environment

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Feng Shui Used in a Corporate Environment and Private Life

Once you understand what Feng Shui is and understand what it can do, you will be able to apply its principles to different structures. You will also be able to see how it can influence the occupants inside a workplace and appreciate its influence on symbolism.

What is Feng Shui?

It goes back to 5,000 years and is a method of promoting good health, prosperity, and general good health. Pronounced “Fung Shway” it means “Wind and Water”, which is a form of energy that flows through a room, building, home, or any living space, even gardens.

However, the structure of every building is different, which reflects how space can affect the occupants. For instance, the White House has its unique Feng Shui. It can tell you a lot about the American way of life.

Feng Shui Influence Varies

In a corporate environment, we can see the immediate influence of Feng Shui. It can affect every employee in the building at different levels. In a residence too, it is a different sort of influence on people. We can think of it this way, let the physical space in an office be more “Active” or “Yang.” On the other hand, the environment at home is more “Tranquil” or “Yin”. These can influence the mood of people living in the house. This is how you can use energies to improve the corporate environment. The ambiance you create using the concept of Feng Shui will determine how productive workers will be.

Assessing Feng Shui in a Corporate Environment

To assess Feng Shui in a corporate environment, use the classical Feng Shui criteria. This entails assessing the precise compass alignment and age of the building. This is how to determine the non-obvious but very powerful. Many call this unseen magnetic field a “Flying Star Chart.” The energy has its roots embedded into the building. Some people calculate the energies based on the number of people in the building, this technique is not always accurate. Then, some people calculate the energies based on the energies of the sun, the position of the starts when the building construction was happening, and the energies of the earth below the surface of the building. This is the fundamental of Xuan Kong Fei Xing.

Direction of Building Matters

The direction of the building also influences the Feng Shui. For instance, if the office is at the back of the building or at the east side, or southeast, then the Wood Phase will resonate. Wood Phase is all about the paper products but has a subtle overlay with aviation, which is in turn associated with the fire element. The direction, if west and northwest, is a “Metal” type of direction. It could influence the finance and investment sector of the business. Based on these orientations, one can seek the orientation of any type of building and cater to the business that best suits the building. It’s more like letting the building structure and Feng Shui decide what businesses should be in the building, rather than businesses choosing the building.

Check out this Bagua or Feng Shui Map:

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