Chhintalia Restaurant & Café Review

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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Chhintalia Restaurant & Café Review

@Chhintalia 86 G1, Near Doctors Hospital Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan

This has been overdue since October 2016. I had too much going on at work and in my personal life so couldn’t sit down to write an honest review of this restaurant and café. Here it is:

Summary of Chhintalia Restaurant Rating

Verdict: Fabulous Experience!

Star Rating: 5/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Food Quality: 4.5/5

Ambiance and Décor: 3.5/5

Price: 4/5

Detailed Review of Chhintalia Restaurant & Café

Before I describe my experience in detail, let me explain what took me there. I am very choosy about places where I dine and often conduct a general survey of eateries. Unless I get a recommendation from a friend or family, I never visit places. Chhintalia was a name I never heard before, although I was still new in Lahore at the time. A friend of mine recommended that I should try it because I was planning a surprise birthday for my sister. Interestingly enough, this place had a FREE offer. This intrigued me to ask for more details. I was told to check their offer on Facebook.

FREE Birthday Setting at Chhintalia Restaurant & Café

The FREE offer was for birthday celebrations. You could get a corner with sufficient privacy, balloons, and some decorative candles placed on the table. I was looking for something economical because I had a low budget for this. After all, I had plans for gifts to give to my younger sister. So, I called them up after getting their number from their Facebook page. The person receiving my call was very polite, accommodating, and honest in his recommendation that I should visit them to book the order as there may be more they an offer.

Advance Booking

This took me there the next day, in the evening. I tricked my brother to take me there because I didn’t want anyone in the family to know about my plans. This was well before 1 October. My sister’s birthday was on 30 September, but because we all work, we had to plan for it on a weekend. Saturday nights are best for me!

The payment option at Chhintalia Restaurant & Café was strictly by cash in advance to book the order. I needed a cake, and the receptionist who received my call was there to receive me. He told me that their Nutella cake was worth it. However, this was not part of the free deal. I had to pay for it. While I was busy attending to these details, my brother snuck up on me and caught me in the act. After hearing it all, he encouraged me to spend a little more and get the better version of the package.

I could get flowers on the table and floor, with more balloons, a bit of music too, all at a reasonable price. Therefore, I did just that. I haven’t seen such an offer at any other place except at Chhintalia Restaurant & Café.

The Birthday Day Experience

As planned, I tricked my younger sister, mom, and dad, and we went to Chhintalia as planned. There was a slight delay, though. We had to sit and wait for them to complete setting the place. I had informed them that I would be there in about ten minutes but still, there was an embarrassing delay. My sister noticed some setup, and fearful that she would realize it too soon, I had to act indifferent, saying “Perhaps someone is celebrating something here. Oh, look, it seems like someone’s birthday.” (Lame I know).

Soon enough the delay ended. We walked towards the decorated corner and my sister asked, “You did this! It’s for me?” and I smiled and said, “Happy Birthday Darling!”

Food and Quality at Chhintalia Restaurant & Café

Went very well, and just then they set the cake, which made it a complete and perfect moment. It was a mouthwatering Nutella cake. Soon after the cake cutting ritual, we placed an order and had a wonderful meal. Yes, there was a slight hitch, which is why my rating is shy of a completely five star. They did not have any beef or mutton item available. Their reason was that since it was a weekend, they never get a full house of guests on those days, so they were out of stock. Personally, I was a bit disappointed about this minor detail, but other than this, everything on the table had a rich and amazing taste.

The method of serving, the cutlery, seating arrangement, and lighting was perfect too. I wanted a quiet family time and I got exactly that.

Price, Ambiance, and Service

However, every bit of the meal we ordered was amazing and worth the prices. I will love to visit them soon and I do recommend them for you if you want to dine out at a reasonable price. The ambiance is calm and cozy. It is a place where families can have a nice quiet meal. Yes, it is nothing too posh or showy, but it is a nice place with simple ambiance. The attendants are very hospitable and extremely cooperative. Did I mention that I got the privilege to choose the color of balloons I wanted! This added an extra sentimental touch for me. I liked the customer care at Chhintalia Restaurant & Café.

My Verdict about Chhintalia Restaurant & Café

It is a great place to dine at and it is amazing for celebrating birthdays on a low budget. I will visit it again soon! See you there!

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