Shoes – Trendy Fashionable Shoe Designs

Written by Fatima Mahboob
7 · 04 · 17
Shoes – Trendy Fashionable Shoe Designs for 2017

Shoes in Pakistan come in myriad of colors. Though as of lately the trend has been to buy expensive shoes at boutiques and malls (I am looking at you centaurus) which are usually heels, and nude colored everyone forgets the traditional sandals we have the tendency to wear and tear. But before we start getting into the argument of what shoes to wear, we need to know the different types of shoes that exist.


If there is a staple in Pakistani fashion, it is silver and gold heels. They match with every single outfit, for a party at least. You can find some classic examples of heels at They come as Gold and Silver.

For everyday wear, a casual outing, a workday heels…golden or silver heels are not exactly comfortable but if you are like to wear them, I would never stop anyone from wearing them. Keep in mind that gold and silver heels should not be worn in the workplace because they are likely to limit your movement.

And here is a simple shiny heel which can be used for any situation. Black is a heel, which is perfect for the workplace. Grey is a perfect heel, which matches any outfit and can make an outfit seem delicate

A Beige heel with sheer line, used to tone down a very bright outfit but a simple black heel is always exotic.

My Biased Opinion

Guys I will always be biased in this but I don’t like to wear heels that will make me trip, yes they look amazing and yes, they are like the dream but it is my humble suggestion to wear these heels in a place where you won’t have to move much. So, if you are going to the park in heels…yeah, no.

Sandals and Flats are the most worn shoes in Pakistan, which comes as no surprise to be honest. With the hot weather here, it is impossible to wear sneakers in summer. Hell, it is a nightmare to wear shoes to school (which is why I started wearing sandals in summer). There are a lot of hand sewn sandals which come in very bright colors and made of this woolen type of fabric or pompoms. Honestly, pure art and a great representation of Pakistani culture. In the provinces, it’s common to see women wearing handmade flats, called Khussa.

However, besides Khussas there are regular flats, which are the go-to shoe every other Pakistani female wears. Even in schools, people use plain black flats alongside with sneakers.

Sneakers they go pretty much with every outfit but be careful for formal occasions, sneakers are not the way to go. They can be used in school too and the one of the most worn shoes that I have seen at least in school are Tommie takkies. I guess it’s because they are basic.

Mocassins and Pumps

If you are not the type of person who likes to fuss much about shoes and you prefer comfort to style fear not we have a collection for you too. Try the plums and Moccasins shoes.

How to Style Shoes with Jeans

Here is the latest collection for the year 2017/18 for shoes

For traditional Kameez and Shalwar, sandals are their best friends. That’s it. Click here to read our previous post “Shirts – Some Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistan for 2017” in case you missed it. To read more about amazing lifestyle tips, keep visiting us on We are all you need for a great and happy lifestyle!

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