Shirts – Some Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistan for 2017

Written by Fatima Mahboob
7 · 04 · 17
Shirts – Some Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistan for 2017

There are different types of shirts used here in Pakistan, and we can categorize them according to length or according to sleeve length. Here’s what I’ve summed up for you to expect as the trendiest shirts in 2017.

Long Shirts

These shirts fall below the knee or to the floor as you can see in the image below:



Short Shirts

These tops fall above the knee or those that fall a little above or below the navel as you can see below:


Medium Shirts

These tops fall at the knee and look very attractive. Check the image below:

Sleeveless Shirts

Are those shirts without sleeves as you can see below:

Long Sleeves

Sleeves that cover the entire length of the arm:

Half Sleeves

Those that end a little above the elbow or below the elbow:

There is a final type of shirt, which is a frock/Umbrella Frock/ Anrkali/ Lehenga. Mostly, it is a dress with lots of pleats and it can be either above knee length or below the ankle. People traditionally pair frocks with matching pants or a pair of thighs. Little girls wear it at formal parties or by brides, but this year, more-and-more people are wearing the frocks as everyday wear.

Here are the two main differences between the traditional Western dress and the Traditional Dress.

·        Fabric

The Western dress is usually made of one type of fabric only with one color most of the type. Traditional dresses in Pakistan make use of different textures and different fabric: silk, chiffon velvet. Layering different colored fabrics and sewing them together to create a vibrant dress is an old age tradition in Pakistan, which you will see in cities and in the provinces.

·        Embellishment

Unlike Western dresses, which usually feature small prints or no print, the traditional dress will always have something sewn into the fabric: threads, threads, mirrors, synthetic flowers, and lace just about anything you can imagine.

Normally, the type of frock to use is different according to the occasion for a casual outing/party a frock with kharai pattern with threads is preferred. They don’t have many pleats and do not that have that “umbrella look” (I like to call the princess look which is essentially the dress flaring.) It must have a large piece of lace at the bottom.

For formal occasions, just about anything and everything works with varied designs. Usually, for formal dresses, the neck or neckline has silver crystals embedded into it. Alternatively, it is the bottom of the dress. They can either be simple but with a lot of flare or they can be very colorful with a fusion of two to three colors.



Know that, the very regular classification that people use to sort out their shirts. Some people like to classify them according to East and West but I don’t like that classification to be honest. Therefore, I am not going to use it.

Now we can proceed on how to style shirts. As I mentioned in my previous post that bottoms don’t get any love but if there is something I have learned, it is that the perfect combination always starts with a good base (anything really needs a good base). Shirts and pants together are the parts of the outfit that use most space in our bodies versus shoes, jewelry etc. You could say in a way that they are the building blocks of an outfit.

Digital Print on Shirts

In Pakistan, digital prints have taken over the Pakistani fashion world. Before, it used to be kharai, which are essentially sewing designs into cloth with thread, beads, or little mirrors. Both styles are still widely used today but they are either present in the clothes that you wear for formal occasions, bridal wears, or traditional clothes that people wear in all provinces.

I bet you are wondering what about everyday clothing! Prints, prints, and more prints! Oh, and be ready to wear pieces are in rage nowadays. However, many people still go to the darzi (which is a traditional tailor) or they have sewing machines at home to make clothes themselves. Many women take courses in sewing or learn from their familiars.

One would think that we are experts at layering clothes and prints. Yes, some people are good at it, like our mothers. However, usually with ready to wear clothes and even when you go to buy fabric in stores or boutiques they fabric already has a print. More often than not, the color of kameez, shalwar and dupatta matches. There are outfits, which match two colors like say, brown and orange, pink and purple, red and black, etc.

Two collections that caught my attention while I was browsing through online stores. They were Sokamal and Zeenwoman and they have a collection of cheap and affordable, digitally printed shirts. Ego has a nice collection of mostly basic types of dresses

Generation has fusion of eastern prints of western clothes. So, if you are looking for the best of both worlds this is the store to go.

Here are some looks with shirts:

#1. A velvet frock

#2. Here is a look by mawra hocane in a fusion of east and west a sheer top paired with printed pants

#3. Here is a look with cape jacket, with a tank top, jeans, and flats

#4.or you can match all the pieces of clothing you are wearing to create this look

#5.This look by Lahori ink presented by Lady in Red has an orange long shirt and black gharara pants paired with a printed cape jacket is just everything you wanted.

#6. or you can use a short shirt

#7. Or you can rock print upon print if you feel confident

#8. Moreover, you can rock embellishment upon embellishment because who says you can’t.

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