Pants – Trendy Fashion Ideas for 2017

Written by Fatima Mahboob
7 · 03 · 17
Pants – Trendy Fashion Ideas for 2017 You Must Try

You know, pants never get enough attention, it’s all about the shirt (the bling bling), but I think we all know that if you are using unflattering trousers, the whole outfit is ruined. Pants can tame a wild shirt or give a pop to a plain one. My point here is, don’t forget the trousers!

Types of Pants Fashion in Pakistan


There are three different types of pants used here in a Pakistan and the first one in the SHALWAR, which many wear with the KAMEEZ and with a DUPATTA. This is the adored national dress of Pakistan. Although to be fair, the dress style is different in different regions of Pakistan.

Desi Pants

The second one is what I like to call DESI PANTS they are a more comfortable and more affordable version of jeans. In all honesty jeans are a big no because it’s so difficult to find jeans! It’s like the longest journey to find a pair of jeans that fit well, with good material, that don’t tear, that goes well with every outfit. I could go on, but I think you get my point. I would like it if anyone could tell me of a good place to find one please and thank you.

Anyways back to trousers. There are different types of pants each one available in all the colors of the rainbow, embroidery. Moreover, just about every Tulip pants are simply an upgraded version of the Shalwar. However, unlike our national garment, the fabric closes around the ankle while the rest of the fabric flares around the legs. Usually at the front of each leg, two pieces of fabric are stitched together.

Cigarette Pants

Cigarette trousers, which are the Eastern equivalent of trousers, have that jean look that we all love. Nevertheless, unlike jeans, which sometimes can be itchy, cigarette pants stick less to the legs. They are ideal to use in the workplace since they give a more professional look if used right of course.


Ghara Pants

They are trousers that flare widely at the end.


Gharara Skirt

I know this doesn’t really count as pants, but they are really nice! The bright and colorful Gharara Skirt is to pair a plain shirt with a Gharara Skirt.



We all know and love these, they mold themselves to our leg, emphasizing the shape of the legs, they can be worn in a variety of ways though here they are used with long tops, long kameez, frocks basically anything that falls below the butt. For a more traditional look, pair kameez with Tights and for a more modern look. Alternatively, pair check-plaid shirts or plain shirts with tights.


Here is a basic tights collection by Khaadi.

Check these out:


#1. An easy look is to pair embroidered trousers with a plain white kurta as seen by high fashion Pakistan Tumblr

Click here:

(the first picture)

#2. Another easy look by Lahore Ink and by Lady in Red is to wear plain trousers paired with a printed top.

Check these out:

#3. Alternatively, if you have a love for matching here is another look by high fashion Tumblr who really believes in matching colors for a minimalistic look. Click on the links below:

(The third and fourth picture)

#4. An easy look with Gharara pants is to wear them with an embellished top. Check the link below:

#5. Pair a check plaid shirt or a shirt with small patterns such as dots, flowers, birds, skulls anything works really and pair it with boots and a small belt for look for this winter season for a summer look just switch from boots to sandals and it will work the same.

Check these out:

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