Dupatta/Scarf/Shawl Fashion

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7 · 03 · 17
Dupatta /Scarf / Shawl Fashion - Latest Trends for 2017

It has many names and to each person their own. Although the dupatta is one of the traditional pieces worn by women in the subcontinent and specifically Pakistan, it is not something people use very commonly in the fashion industry. Brides wear it traditionally but women are starting to use two pieces or light jacket instead. However, for those women who do wear it here are some tutorials on using them. Even if you do not like using them, here are some tutorials on how to use that neglected fabric to upgrade your old outfits.

Video 1: 5 Ways to Re-style A Salwar Kameez Dupatta with an Outfit

Video 2: How To Wear A Shawl – 10 Stylist Suggestions

Video 3: How To Wear Dupatta In Different Styles – POPxo

Video 4: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

Video 5: REQUESTED – Hijab Style Using Duppata

Video 6: Four layered Hijab tutorial for fall


Video 7: Smart Hijab Tutorial for Work or Office

Video 8: Hijab Tutorial for Easy Hijab Styles! | Hijab Hills

There are many different names: dupatta (veils), shawl, chadar, stole and while I am no fashion expert, I can still give you an idea of what each name means.

Chadar or veils are light material. When buying fabric, the so-called “three piece” includes a long piece of cloth which is usually used to cover the chest and/or head.

A stole and shawl usually come with patterns sewn into them with thread or they have a print. This specific piece of cloth is made with heavy material such as wool but also with silk or chiffon. These are not usually sold together with an outfit.

Although there is the long-held tradition of buying fabric from traditional “bazaars”, more and more Pakistani designer brands are creating collections of scarves/dupattas/shawls. We will see a lot of this style in 2017 fashion.

Dupatta Ideas and Other Accessories for 2017 Wardrobes

Here is a collection of colorful Dupattas and basic Shawls by Sapphire, generation, Khaadi, and Myranja



This one is an easy look by Shehla Chatoor is with a dupatta is to keep the pants, shirt, and shoes devoid of any print or embellishment and instead use a dupatta, which has a print in order to create.

DupattaScarf dupatta


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