5 Top Beauty & Makeup Apps for Android and iOS

Written by Aara Jones
11 · 24 · 17
5 Top Beauty & Makeup Apps for Android and iOS

Ever since smartphones have come into being our entire world has shrunk into this tiny piece of technology. Whatever we wish to do or plan on doing is only a few clicks away thanks to numerous applications available on these devices. Apps for money transactions, reading books, sending text messages, and emails for online shopping are rather very well-known. However, did you know your smartphone could turn into a beauty guru as well when you need? Now there are makeup apps available in the market too.

App development companies have taken care of people in love with beauty and makeup as well. They have introduced some amazing applications that help women to choose their right shade of foundation. Women can try on different makeup looks before buying products. They can even change their hair and nail colour virtually to see what suits them.

Doesn’t that sound just brilliant?

Our Top 5 Makeup Apps

Here are our top picks from beauty and makeup apps category:

1. L’Oréal Makeup Genius

L’Oréal Paris’s Makeup Genius is one of the best makeup apps out there to try out various looks on yourself before purchasing the products. The app works on exclusive technology created by tech geeks and makeup artists and allows you to either take a selfie or upload a photo. The app scans 64 points on your face and very precisely and accurately places makeup to give you instant results. You can either create your own makeup looks or try out the ones creates by professional artists.

2. Lakmé Makeup Pro

Similar to L’Oréal Paris’s app mentioned previously, Lakmé Makeup Pro also allows you to try on various makeup looks, you may put together a look yourself or choose one from Lakmé Makeup Experts recommendations. The app lets you take selfies or upload a photo, from there you can pick from various Lakmé products; experiment with different products and save the result in your phone.

3. Modiface Makeup

Modiface Makeup uses the latest Facial Recognition algorithm and a build-in colour blending technology. It has a huge database with as much as 2000+ real-life shades of cosmetics, more than 60 hairstyles celebrities use and 20 different celebrity makeup looks for you to choose from. The app also offers the user a number of other features such as sunglasses, eye colours, teeth whitening; blemish removal and a lot more. Try on different makeup looks and save them in your phone and share with friends.

4. Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover

Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover allows the user to try on different makeup looks and customise either by clicking a photo through the app’s camera or by uploading a photo. The app lets you create makeup looks using endless combination of eye shadows, lip colours, hairstyles and accessories. Once you have a look you love you can either shop the entire look or parts of it or save it for future reference or shopping.

5. Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips

Beautylish Makeup Beauty Tips is an app different from the ones previously mentioned. This app allows you to discover newest beauty trends and looks in the industry, to learn new makeup trends and shop for hottest makeup products. The makeup app also offers step-by-step beauty and makeup tutorials allowing you to learn directly from experts and step up your makeup game. You can choose from thousands of makeup reviews, hairstyles, nail designs, braids, beauty tips and makeup tutorial videos to get inspired.


These are our top 5 picks from beauty and makeup apps category that are surely a huge help for anyone starting out with makeup. The amount of information and products available intimidates those who have no idea where to start, as well as makeup enthusiasts and professionals looking for inspiration from other experts in the industry and wishing to learn from their techniques and methods.

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Author Bio: I am Fizzah Iqbal, a professional Content Writer currently managing content for Incubasys, a leading Web and App design and development company in UAE. I can be found reading Crime Fiction, watching Friends and indulged in cosmetics when not writing.

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