Men Sex Psychology – What Women Need to Know

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Men Sex Psychology - What Women Need to Know

Most women do not seem to understand men sex psychology. I did not either, until quite recently. Moreover, saying that I completely understand now would not be right either. The male perspective on sex and sexual relationships is very different from the female perspective.

The topic in itself is very broad with several different views, hence making it quite a complicated debate. While all men are different, you will always find some common views in an attempt to deciphering their sex psychology. Such as:

Sex Is the Body’s Desire in Men Sex Psychology

According to psychologists, men’s desire for sex is a physical thing. On the other hand, for women, the desire for sex is a stimulation of their emotions, mind, memory, and feelings of connection. Men are more inclined and driven toward expressing their sexual desires due to the huge amounts of testosterone release in their bodies.

In younger men, the slightest incitement causes erections, which is not in their control. This is simply dependent on the biology of their body. Likewise, adult men react with a strong sense of sexual attraction when they come across or see anyone or anything that stimulates their sexual urge.

Sex Is More of a Necessity

Some unjustly refer to men’s need for sex as “hunger.” However, a genuine and less annoying term to use is “necessity.” Naturally, the thought of sexual opportunity would captivate a man’s mind. However, an important fact that most women are unaware of is that besides desire, having sex is important for men.

Due to high levels of hormone surges in their body, it becomes necessary to release their pressure through sex. For men, good sex means confidence and being in control of their daily activities and surroundings. It gives them a sense of feeling as if everything is moving smoothly and helps them stay focused. Lack of having enough sex leads to serious mood swings in men.

Having Sex Means More Energy

According to psychologists, a consistent sex life keeps men energetic and generally improves their day-to-day functionality. It is indeed an imperative aspect of men sex psychology. Lack of sex leads to low energy levels, which in turn can set off a chain of unpleasant events concerning their dispositions and general daily productivity. However, this fact is not only restricted to men. It also applies to women. Lack of sex equally affects women in similar ways.

Sex Is a Means for Men to Show Love

The way women express love through emotions and feelings, men express their love through sex. Most women are not aware of this and think of men as selfish for their preference and insistence for a sexual connection. They would rather have sex to show how they feel for you, rather than sitting and listening to you or going for a picnic with you.

This does not essentially mean that men are incapable of showing love through their feelings and emotions. They have emotions and feelings, which they simply express through their sexual aspiration because this is what comes easily and naturally to them.

Women often prefer to have an emotional connection with their partners first, before a physical one. For men however, establishing a sexual connection is important for them to feel comfortable enough to be able to share their emotionally vulnerable side freely. Finding love is equally important for men as it is for women. The only difference is in the way both genders approach that connection.

In truth, women and men sex psychology are not very distinct.

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