Understanding Relationships – Things You Need to Know

Written by Aara Jones
10 · 01 · 17
Understanding Relationships - Things You Need to Know

Understanding Relationships – Things You Need to Know unravels the mysteries of love. Your answers to finding true love and lasting relationships are right here on Lifestyle Glitz. Keep reading…

Understanding Relationships – Things You Need to Know Explains the Opposite Sex

If you’re feeling attracted towards someone and are not sure about whether it’s love, or if you’re confused about finding love at all, or are dealing with heartbreak after your last relationship turned sour, Mona Sharif might have some of the answers you need. In fact, it has answers to a lot of them. In her book Understanding Relationships – Things You Need to Know, Sharif delves deep into the male and female minds to identify assumptions, expectations, natural tendencies, and other intricacies that influence their attitudes towards relationships with the opposite sex.

A busy blogger running her own site www.lifestyleglitz.com, Sharif focuses on love, its meaning, and ways of expressing it in modern romantic relationships.

Why Did You Have a Heart Break

According to Mona, a major reason for heartbreak is that many young people are confused about their feelings and their expectations from relationships. She discussed seven forms of love and offers guidelines on how men and women can become aware of the nature of the feelings they are expressing. A relationship based on infatuation or lust is doomed to fail. However, you can nurture true love and develop it into a long-term relationship through commitment, openness, patience, and trust.

Mona Sharif describes love in many interesting ways. Love is an instinct that cannot reduce to easily digestible laws or formulas. Love is about attraction, emotional and physical, between two people. It requires conscious attention by both to make it a long-term relationship.

It’s Not Impossible to Explain Human Behavior in Love

For people who find it impossible to explain the behavior of the opposite sex, Mona expresses with great clarity what men and women expect from each other and how their minds work. Moreover, she offers advice on how men and women can use this knowledge to become more understanding and interesting partners in relationships. The advice that Mona gives is sound, based on common sense, and simple enough to implement immediately.

Ingredients for a Successful Romantic Relationship

While describing the aspects of a successful romantic relationship, Mona also describes behaviours and attitudes that lead to the breakdown of a relationship. When people have unrealistic expectations and want to hammer the other person into a desired mold, the entire relationship can collapse.

In Sharif’s view, a successful relationship is based on respect, giving each other lots of personal space, welcoming differences and being sensitive to one another’s needs.

The fact that a large number of people continue to be single and lonely is due to a number of self-destructive attitudes and behaviours. These are explicit in Understanding Relationships – Things You Need to Know, which is what makes this book very relatable and unique.

The Book Relates to You in Simple Words

Mona expressed her thoughts in simple words and with the purpose to explain her points in the most easily understandable way. Reading the book, one gets the impression that relationships are complex but entirely manageable. Thus, those who read this book will find a lot of their relationship anxiety withering away.

Mona also addresses some of the taboos of relationships, particularly in conservative societies like Pakistan where social media has created opportunities for young boys and girls to explore relationships.

Young people will find a lot to learn as Mona unravels the thoughts and emotions in a range of relationships such as friendship, intimacy, lust, infatuation, flirting, and true love. This book also offers insight to men and women experiencing difficulties in their relationship and explains how involving near ones, going for counseling, taking a break, or even letting go of the relationship are perfectly normal ways to improve a poor relationship.

Be Optimistic – True Love is Possible

Despite such detailed analysis of relationships, Mona is surprisingly optimistic about the possibility of true love. Yes, men and women can still find true love in the twenty-first century. They can do this as long as they make a genuine effort to understand each other’s nature, personality, and priorities. Once they have taken care of this, Mona believes that they can experience the joys of a stable and enduring relationship.

In 180 pages, Mona Sharif presents a whole lot of knowledge about the male and female personality. She uses these differences to highlight areas that men and women often overlook when building a relationship together. If you want to take your relationship to the next level and experience the joy of what is true love in the 21st century, then you must purchase Understanding Relationships – Things You Need to Know. The book is available at https://www.amazon.com/Mona-Sharif/e/B00RY1DWGW.

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