7 Habits of Highly Fashionable Women

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
10 · 02 · 17
7 Habits of Highly Fashionable Women - Lifestyle Glitz

Being fashionable is a matter of acquiring efficient habits to look good every day. Not everyone is born with supermodel looks, but we can learn a lot from how fashionable and attractive women take care of their appearance and wardrobe. Here are seven simple habits that highly fashionable women have perfected to live a great lifestyle. Read on to learn how you too can become a respectable fashionable young woman in your circle of friends.

1. Fashionable women know how to pamper their skin and hair

Girls, who take care of their skin and hair regularly, no matter what they wear, always look good. Try to follow a daily skin and hair care regimen to make your hair and skin look healthy and fresh. Remember not to overdo it by buying every new fad off the store shelf.

2. They plan and organize their lifestyle ahead of time

Stylish women always plan their outfits ahead of time. Planning can make your life a lot easier by helping you save time and a lot of mental stress. You can even use various mobile apps like Stylebook and Closet+ to plan and organize your outfits daily.

3. They shop everywhere

You do not need a closet full of designer outfits to look stylish every day. Fashionable women shop from retail stores and discount shops with as much excitement as they do from designer boutiques. Do not feel shy about being in a low-end store if it means getting the right outfit for your body.

4. They choose the right lingerie!

Knowing your body shape and knowing what fits it is essential for comfort as well as fashion. You need to know what type of undergarment fits you and what size will flatter your body and make it look good.

5. They wear outfits that fit and flatter

Stylish fashionable women know that it is not necessary to be a size zero to look stylish. Wearing clothes that do not fit is not safe as it can cause long-term damage to your body. No matter how much you love something in your wardrobe, if it does not fit, there is no point in keeping it there and you might want to get rid of it ASAP.

6. They do not overdo it

Too much jewelry can make an otherwise fashion-forward outfit look a bit forced. Instead of wearing layers of various necklaces or stacks of rings all together, try pairing your outfits with one or two statement pieces that complement each other.

7. They have the perfect on-the-go makeup kit

Stylish fashionable girls always carry their makeup essentials with them. It is part of their lifestyle. Try to keep a makeup bag with all your sample-sized makeup essentials in it. Make sure to have 3-4 go-to makeup items in the bag that you carry every day.

A good fashion sense is something to be cultivated. Depending on your personality, physique, and taste, you should learn to experiment with these habits to find how they can work for you. You will not end up looking like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian, but these habits will help you look the best. Join the league of fashionable Women!

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