Trachtens are the New Face of Oktoberfest!

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11 · 23 · 17
Trachtens are the New Face of Oktoberfest!

In the 207 years since Oktoberfest began as a wedding celebration for the royalty of Bavaria, this event has transcended from a local party into the world’s most renowned and biggest beer festival. Intended to promote celebration and local culture; the Oktoberfest has become an iconic event, attracting more than six million visitors from across the globe each year.

Oktoberfest History

As historians and its attendees will tell you, this German party has remained steeped in its rich cultural history and traditions, which is evident from the servers who carry locally-brewed beer to the blaring (classic) Bavarian music, echoing across the beer halls throughout the region. However, Oktober fest’s iconic images are the Lederhosen clad males guzzling beer and Drindl clad ladies.

Gone are the times when festival-goers used to turn up in jeans and casual wear. Rather, time has moved on and Authentic Lederhosen and Drindl have become a norm among the attendees.

A fact that is only augmented by the fact that the region’s beer tents and fairgrounds have become quite reminiscent of the past. With men sporting their Lederhosen and women donning Authentic Drindl’s instead of regular wear.

Oktoberfest is a Big Business

This trend has spelled big business in Germany. According to several designers of couture Drindls and Lederhosen; the Bavarian costumes have gradually managed to grab the headlines. The new fashion trend and a much-needed association with the Oktoberfest is rising. It is resulting in the growth and sustenance of traditional costume industry. But while there are few names in Bavarian Costume industry — like LedehosenForSale — Germany boasts several specialists that specialize in this type of clothing.

The Trachten

Angermaier — an apparel store specializing in Authentic Lederhosen and Dirndl for the past half century, has experienced an exponential increase in the sale of traditional Bavarian Clothing in the last decade or so. Thus, considering this benchmark performance, several other manufacturers have entered into this business to exploit this market’s potential and bring a much-needed competition.

“Considering the stark increase in the demand, lots of shops have opened who (specialize) in Authentic Drindils and Lederhosen.

However, a wide majority of them fall short regarding quality at the expense of customer’s money.” said a local expert on Traditional Bavarian Clothing. “Quality is the most important thing in case of any traditional wearable item or accessory. Lederhosen of good quality, (for example) made of a deerskin can last you for a whole lifetime”.

Rising Demand for Iconic Clothing

From its modest roots as the working clothes for blue collar people originating from South Germany and Austria, trachten has emerged as the modern-day wear at festivals and traditional celebrations. As the demand for such iconic clothing has gone up over the years, the fashion enthusiasts have turned their attention towards Dirndls, which has given birth to a contemporary style of Drindls.

The modern aesthetic touch in the Bavarian Clothing was much needed, as it showcased this traditional clothing in a stylish and (dare we say) younger way. (There were) Ladies, both young and mature, who were interested in the idea of a traditional set of clothing, which they deem as old-fashioned. The solution for both males and females came in the form of Modern Drindls and Lederhosen are retaining the charm and essence of traditional values while featuring complimentary touches of avant-garde aesthetics.

Last but not the least, donning these attires spell good things all-around, as visitors get to experience and be a part of the Oktoberfest festivities while giving a boom to the local industry.

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