When to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
9 · 04 · 18
When to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend | Lifestyle Glitz

Most men know a girl, like to spend time with her and feel as if they bond or share chemistry. But when should you ask her to be your girlfriend? I have received so many messages from men via Lifestyle Glitz. They all want to know the answer to “How long should I wait before asking a girl to be my girlfriend?” I finally decided to write an article about it to help those young men.

The Right Time to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend

Honestly, this can be very tricky. Every relationship is unique. I have written about this in my eBook titled Relationships – Things You Need to Know. Therefore, there is no rule or guide about when to ask her to be your girlfriend. Every unique story has unique circumstances and complexities. Based on those unique circumstances, exactly when you should ask her to be the one you want to start a lasting relationship varies. The right time depends on when your heart feels it is the right or best time.

3 Things to Check Before You Ask Her

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#1: Are you sure you two bond or have chemistry

Bonding with the girl you like has become so complex in these times. Ever since people have started mixing the word “friends” and “friendship” or “we are friends” with relationships you can’t be too sure if she is into you.

How can you handle this uncertainty? Make sure you clear this before you take the step to ask her. Otherwise, she may ditch you with the painful words “But I thought we are good friends or just friends” or “I never thought of you in that way” or something along these lines.

When I say make sure you two have chemistry or bond, I mean make sure you connect. You two must equally want to spend time together. She must want to call often, or go places with you, or bump into you way too many time for it to seem like a coincidence. In some cases, you two must have the same interests, hobbies, views, and maybe you two can complete each other’s sentences. You two must agree at literally more than 70% of everything that is important to you in life. Understand one another.

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#2: Are Her Goals and Yours Coinciding?

Since we are in an age where women are working and making a career, most girls are not ready to commit. Is your girl at a point in life where she will welcome your acknowledging your feelings? Would she be interested in starting a relationship? Is she at that time in life when her biological clock will appreciate your interest in starting a relationship with prospects for marriage? Before you can be sure about this, your must have checked to fulfill the requirements in #1 above. When you’ve made sure, drop some hints in conversations and meetings before the ultimate meeting when you ask her to be your girlfriend. See how receptive she would be first. Do not ask her until and unless you are sure she is waiting for you to ask her.

#3: Are You Sure That She Is The Right One To Ask?

I have heard some men complain that they think they made a mistake when they took the step to ask her to be their girlfriend. You see, this is why it is very important that you do not rush into it. Before you ask her to be your girlfriend, do the background check. Has she ended her previous relationship completely or is it still uncertain? Are you her fall back or she is genuinely over her ex? Get some idea about her status from her close friends and family tactfully. Is there competition and someone else may be wooing her? What are her inclinations towards the other party? If you have any doubts, hold your horses and wait a little longer.

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Well, hope these three tips help you to ask her to be your girlfriend. If you have more questions or suggestions that may help others, leave them in the comments below. Also, share this with friends and family who may need some help.

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