Role of Self-Expression in One’s Life

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9 · 05 · 18
Role of Self-Expression in One’s Life | Lifestyle Glitz

The process of human evolution has led us to a high sense of individuality. And from this effect, correlated with our development within the culture. The need arises to express this individuality. When this need is frustrated by the conditions of our social life, stress, lack of individuality, apathy, envy, laziness, etc. are favorable effects within a mass society. Eventually, self-destructive tendencies develop. Under these conditions, the need for self-expression takes on distorted forms and becomes a fight for success and the desire for power. Landmark forum and many more associations like Mega mind, Mayo clinic, which organize several seminars that help the people in realizing the importance of self- expression, and helping them to lead a happy life. Landmark forum has made it possible to improve the quality of your life easier. Thus, it has gained some nice Landmark forum reviews.

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Importance of Self- Expression:

Emphasizing self-expression adds a new dimension to our biology since it intimately relates to our survival. The New Paths in Biology said, “there are innumerable examples of how self-preservation and self-expression are combined into one and the same organ.” The scientist talks about the larynx as an example and refers to the act of eating, talking, and singing. Individual expression not only externalizes an internal feeling but also has functions that amplify our level of existence. All creative products are necessarily conscious, and consequently. The ego plays an important role in the formulation and development of this impulse. Although, its origin comes from an unconscious inspiration and its objective is to produce a feeling of satisfaction.

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A Psychological Perspective

Psychology is the new dimension added to biology in terms of the emphasis placed on the meaning of self-expression. Self-expression through our identification with the ego makes us feel that we are part of society, that we participate fully within it and make it seem a poor substitute for the real object, which is self-expression through creativity. Every conscious act of self-expression is apparently incomplete if it does not provoke a social response, hence one of the great attractions of social networks.

Self-expression and Self-confidence

A creative action that goes unnoticed usually produces a feeling of frustration. Apparently, we all need some social validation of our individuality, without this recognition, it is difficult to maintain an “identity”. However, our identity and our self-confidence should only unfold and project in the society. We should not configure them with a value alien to us. Any act with the intent of draining our creative dimension must be independent of its social validation. Only in this way can it produce the individual pleasure that we seek in that action. The core of life is our purpose.

Every aspect of our daily life, from our diet to our profession, should align with that purpose if we want to act with congruence and meaning in the world. Taking the path of self-expression as a purpose helps us not only to escape from a cyclical life but also to turn each moment into an opportunity to express it. We no longer just want to earn money, have a great position in a company or an excellent career. We want to do something important, we want to change paradigms, and we want some meaning in life.

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