Top Reasons to Learn English

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Top Reasons to Learn English

There are various reasons for learning English as a language because English is an essential language. People opt to study English as a second language due to its importance. Many nations comprise English as their second language in school syllabus, and kids start studying English at a young age. The following are reasons for learning English:

English is the most frequently spoken language across the world. You will find out that one among five individuals do speak English or have an understanding of the English. One of the reasons why people learn English as a language is to be able to communicate with others effectively since most of the people speak in English.

The computers, science, tourism, diplomacy, and aviation use the English language and getting jobs involving them need one to be conversant with the language. This makes studying English to be an added advantage since it increases one’s possibility of getting a well-paying job in the multinational companies within someone country and also abroad.

The English language is an official language to fifty-three (53) countries. The fifty-three countries represent a large number of the people in the world, and the possibility of meeting with them is high, and hence people need to understand it to be in a position to communicate with others may be in the trade or schools.

Around four hundred million (400M) of people in the world speak English as their first language. This makes a large a number, and I guess only a few people do not understand English and this triggers which do not understand to develop a desire to learn English.

English is one of the languages used in the media industry. People always have a desire to learn English because they will not need to depend on the translations and the sub-titles for them to enjoy television shows, films, songs and books in the media industry.

English is the language used on the internet. Most of the websites are written in English. For an individual to understand what is on the website and also to participate in the discussion forum on the internet, one needs to understand the English, and this triggers people to learn English.

To learn English is not hard; it involves just following instructions like rules and regulations from grammar, lexis, pronunciation, different abbreviations and spoken and written discourse. Since learning English is not complicated, people always find themselves studying it.

People who understand and speak in English have confidence in themselves since they can express themselves effectively across the world. This makes English to be not only successful but also give a lot of satisfaction to individuals. People learn English because they enjoy learning it since every hour they spend learning it they always get closer to perfection.

Because many people across the world speak English, there are many schools which offer English programmes, and there are a lot of opportunities if you speak English since you will be in a position to get a good school and course that perfectly match your academic requirements.


It is always fun to learn English since through the learning you will interact with different cultures, and you will be in a position to know ways of lives of the people across the world. You will learn the values, norms, perception, and beliefs of the different cultures along the earth.

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