Since the beginning of time, words in every language reflect our thoughts. Naturally, positive thoughts induce the use positive words and negative thoughts induce negative words. This is why, wise people say that we should watch the words that come out of our mouth. If you can stick to this philosophy, you will be able to get a clear idea about the direction in which your thoughts are heading, the eminent result, and the path your life is going down.

Choosing Positive Words is Vital

It is important to choose words wisely especially when we are doing affirmations. Our mind literally takes our words and makes us act accordingly.

There is a story that illustrates this fact very well. Once, a girl wanted to earn a lot of wealth. The affirmative words or positive words that she used for this were, “I want to earn more money.” She did earn well. How work doubled, and in no time she was wealthier than before. However, the catch is, she had to “EARN” the money.

What started as a positive thought or intention went wonky with an unwitting consequence. This story highlights the importance of choosing your words carefully. It is important to think positive always.

How to Describe Your Intended Results Rightly

How do you feel? Use your words to portray exactly what results you want to achieve. Visualize the positive thought without adding a consequence to be. Be conscious of the words you choose. If you want to achieve something effortlessly, then say it. If you also want peace, comfort, and blessings, includes it.

At Lifestyle Glitz, we are all about sharing positive feelings and thoughts. This is why; we have started a new compilation of positive words that start with every letter. As you look throughout list of positive words that start with A-Z, pay attention to your feelings. Imagine having those words as a reality. Focus on words that excite you, or move you. Do not let words or thoughts that bring tears to you cloud your mind. Inhale and exhale in affirmation of positiveness.