Tips and Ideas for Choosing the Best Splashbacks for Kitchens

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8 · 16 · 19
How to Choose the Best Splashbacks for Kitchens

Have you ever thought seriously about what kind of kitchen splashback would you like to install in order to build your dream kitchen? Choosing the best splashbacks for kitchens is extremely crucial, especially for the small kitchens, as by doing so, you can easily make the kitchen appear much more spacious. Therefore, this write-up will guide you in deciding upon the best kitchen splashback design.

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Kitchen Splashback Considerations

The two major things that should necessarily be taken into consideration while choosing best splashbacks for kitchens are the type of material that you would be likely to use and the total cost for the size you require. You should take your countertops and kitchen cabinets into consideration, and then narrow down the options further. This is crucial to bear in mind how easy it is to clean the kitchen splashback. After all, it is going to receive a lot of spills and splashes on a regular basis and you will need to keep it clean.

Whether you would prefer to make a style statement or prefer something, which perfectly blends in, then read on for various options of materials and certain other factors, which one should take into consideration while choosing best splashbacks for kitchens.

Inexpensive Materials for Splashback

Glass Splashbacks

These are simple, inexpensive, and easy to clean, and you cannot go wrong when you opt to choose a certain classic glass splashback. They will very well suit every kitchen design and they are available in several color options. The varieties of glass splashbacks are available in several bold colors like bright red, and this has become a contemporary style amongst millions of kitchens.

Best Splashbacks for Kitchens

Stainless Steel Splashbacks

The stainless steel splashbacks have a minimal design for the contemporary kitchen and are more of industrial-style. They are inexpensive, durable, as well as easy to be cleaned. This at times may offer a great wow factor and seamlessly can blend with your kitchen. This is a great neutral option which the potential buyers will surely like and adopt in no time. These are one of the best splashbacks for kitchens that are very easy to install and there are several suppliers who provide detailed installation tips, which makes it even easier for the customers.

Pressed Metal (Tin) Splashbacks

The pressed tin or pressed metal splashbacks are other very inexpensive as well as attractive material option to make splashbacks. This provides a completely subtle and vintage feel.

Unique Splashback Materials

Timber Splashbacks

The timber splashbacks bring a very lovely rustic look to your kitchen. The drawbacks are that the timber is quite expensive and can be very tricky to maintain at times. But this is certainly a great option if you want to make a style statement or bring in a warm ambience in your kitchen.

Best Splashbacks for Kitchens

Window Splashbacks

The glass window splashbacks are one of the best splashbacks for kitchens that are relatively small in size. This effectively draws the eye outside and this makes the kitchen appear much bigger. This particular design very well allows the passage of ample natural light into your small kitchen. However, you are removing the walls and thus this is quite an expensive proposition.

Subway-Tile Splashbacks

There is a wide availability of subway-tile splashbacks in the market. This is very easy to clean, and this adds a wonderful style to a kitchen of any size and style. These tiles are quite large and work really well for the bigger space, but this may probably make a small kitchen look even smaller.

Marble Splashbacks

Marble is expensive and has a wow factor attached to it. The marble backsplashes are wonderful, but you should have the patience level to care for the same.


There are several varieties of splashback designs available in the market. You can choose the best splashbacks for kitchens depending on the design and size of your kitchen.

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