4 Tips for Keeping Sparks Alive in a Long Distance Relationship

Written by Aara Jones
8 · 16 · 19
How to Keep Sparks Alive in a Long Distance Relationship

While it’s commonly stated that long distance relationships don’t work, it’s truly up to the couple. There are plenty of couples who’ve maintained spicy, thriving relationships in the midst of distance. While it might be challenging, it’s up to the couple to decide if they’re going to commit and rise to the challenge. If you and your partner have decided to embark upon a long distance relationship, consider the following tips to keep the sparks going.

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Set Aside Funds For Trips

Whether you’re in New York and your partner is in Egypt, it’s still important to create the moments that allow for in-person experiences. Create a budget for the two of you. You two can both put money in the bank to save up for a romantic getaway. You might decide to meet each other at the halfway point to save money. However, always make sure you two have a schedule where you’ll make time to see one another in-person. For the health of your relationship, it’s important.

Do an Activity Together

Yes, you two might be miles apart. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a new hobby together. Consider reading a great book each month. You two can talk about your thoughts regarding each chapter. You can also do the same with movies, television shows and more. If you two are in time zones that are within an hour of each other, use video conferencing technology to prepare a meal at the same time. You two can talk while you cook dinner with each other. This can be really romantic for a long distance relationship.

Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

For some people, quality time is their primary love language. In this case, do your best to spend time on the phone or through video conferencing for quality time every day. If you have a girlfriend who’s love language involves gifts, consider finding an interesting subscription service that will send flowers, candy or specialty women crates each month. Maybe she’s into Sanrio and would be over the moon for a Hello Kitty. If her love language is quality time tell her you’ll block out a whole day for you two and stick to it. Skype for a long time. Make an effort to not be distracted during calls and try to visit.

Maintain Your Own Life

It can get really unattractive when your partner doesn’t have a life of their own. This is why it’s okay to spend time developing your lives while you’re apart. Don’t forget to invest in quality time with your friends and family. When you maintain those relationships, your long distance relationship will feel like the cherry on top of a really great life.

A long distance relationship is Tough but Possible

As you work on these areas, your relationship will naturally get tested. As you two pass each test, your relationship will grow stronger. When you’re in it for the long haul, no distance can really stand in your way. If anything, distance can allow two people to recognize when they’ve truly found true love that’s worth fighting for.

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