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The Witch of Quedlinburg by Mona Sharif

Do you know that witches have been the most mysterious beings of all time? Witch hunters have hunted and brutally murdered witches throughout human history. For this reason, they have withdrawn from societies and are living a low profile life.

People fear witches, which is why they harm them, whereas witch hunters forget one important truth. Not all witches are bad. There is a constant battle between good and evil and witches have their wars to fight.

A witch named Armalinda lived in the 1800s. People murdered her brutally along with her family of witches … but she came back. How she came back, and what her reason for not dying was is a mystery you will discover when you read the book. Along her journey through life, she met love and loyalty. The novel is very emotional, baffling, and thought provoking. It makes you wonder if all the details in the novel are real or a figment of imagination.

Read The Witch of Quedlinburg

If you are a reader, if you are looking for something interesting to read on a lonely and quiet day, then The Witch of Quedlinburg is a highly recommended novel. There is adventure, mystery, love, romance, pain, bitterness, magic, and a lot of spirituality to find.

Witches are real, they are people, and they live like every ordinary person. They may not believe in God, they may practice magic, but at the end of the day, they are not all bad. The choice to be good or evil is a battle we all face within us. Only the strong come through and protect their loved ones. The novel also shows that when you find true love, it’s not always, about a giving up her love. It’s more about finding a life partner who will never abandon you.

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