The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lifestyle

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
9 · 14 · 17
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lifestyle - Lifestyle Glitz

You may find hundreds of articles about lifestyle, what kind of lifestyle is ideal, what you need for a healthy lifestyle, etc. The list goes on, but the truth is that most people don’t address some crucial secrets to living a complete and fulfilling lifestyle. Here’s cheat sheet on lifestyle I feel is worth sharing with people who feel that they are lacking something.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lifestyle

If you feel as if you have a blank space in your heart or as if something is missing, but you cannot figure it out, then it means that you are not looking in the right direction. To have a perfect lifestyle, the very first thing you need to do is answer the following questions:

What is your innermost desire?

This is our number one on the cheat sheet on lifestyle. Assess your life as it is right now. Everyone has innermost desires, so begin by asking if you have what you desire. It may be something you envisioned having as a teenager, an adult, or even right now at this stage in life. Have you achieved your goals, even if it’s something as simple as a designer shoe? If your answer is yes, then it means that you’re working in the right direction. If you haven’t, then it’s time for you to start now. Identify what you want to achieve and start working towards it, starting today.

Do you follow a healthy lifestyle schedule?

Yes, exercising is the key to a healthy lifestyle. You need to focus on your diet. If you are overweight, start working on the extra pounds and lose them. If you are a zero size, it’s nothing to be proud of, start gaining some pounds. Maintaining a balanced diet is very important and at the same time, avoiding an empty stomach is crucial. People who starve are never happy on the inside. People who eat well have inner joy, satisfaction, and a feeling of completion. For God’s sake people, your creator gave you taste buds and a stomach because it’s necessary for you. Do yourself some justice by eating everything but don’t over eat. Do not take this item in our cheat sheet on lifestyle for granted!

Make the most of what you have

This is also a very important point in this cheat sheet on lifestyle. One of the greatest mistakes people make is that while pursuing their biggest dreams and innermost desires, they forget the importance of the things that they have. Family, comfort, love, a good job, three hearty meals on the table, having peace, health, shelter, clothing, and good friends is a special gift of life. If you ignore all these things, then you will never be able to live a happy life. Therefore, begin with making the most of the little things you have. Find your happiness in all these things and value them.

Don’t be envious of others

Envy is part of humanity. This is a very important item in this cheat sheet on lifestyle.
While many believe it is the work of evil, I believe that it’s a choice you make. You can choose not to be jealous of others. Yes, people may have things that you’ve been working too hard to achieve. Yes, you may feel that people get everything too easily whereas you are more worthy. While it may make you anxious, the truth is that life always something even better in store. Not everyone has the same destiny and fate has a different route for everyone. What may come easily for others may come to you after much hard work.

At the same time, you are focusing too much, on what others have instead of first focusing on what you have. When you compare things you have with the same people who have what you need, you will realize that they are at a loss compared to the happiness you have. Maybe the person you envy has the car you dream of having, but he or she may not have the love of family that you have. Why envy?

Hold on to your faith

Having faith in things you do is important. Unless you believe in yourself and that you will achieve everything you want, you cannot achieve in life. No matter how bad things become, no matter how challenging life gets, never give up on hope. Yes, things may not work the way you want them to, but sometimes, life has a better plan. Go with the flow. Know that in the end, everything will be fine.

Don’t be afraid to find happiness

Sometimes, people go through a lot. At the end, when things finally start looking up, they find it difficult to believe. Do not be afraid to find your happiness. If you know it is your child, husband, a love, pet, a job, anything … go for it. Follow your heart. Happiness is the secret to a healthy and long life. Not embracing happiness means you suffer from depression, which is bad. This point in our cheat sheet on lifestyle is something most people ignore.

Be selfless, kind, and conscious of others

Many people put themselves first in the line. Everything has to be about them first. The truth is that while there are times when you must come first, you cannot ignore others around you. Be selfless sometimes. Do good to people, be kind, and conscious about their pain, their needs, and their expectations from you. Unless you share love and care, no one will love you or care about you.

Be an example and role model

The best gift you can give your kids and younger ones is setting an example. Be a role model for them to follow. This means to be disciplined, patient, calm, approachable, reasonable, truthful, honest, reliable, and mature enough to handle life at its worst and best. Show your predecessors what is right from wrong and be a beacon of light to lead them through the toughest times. Pay attention to health and live a great life. Maintain an excellent and balanced lifestyle.

Thus, we come to the end of our cheat sheet on lifestyle.

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