The Diversified Lifestyle in the World

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8 · 28 · 18
The Diversified Lifestyle in the World | Lifestyle Glitz

What would the earth be like if we could look at the world from a single eyepiece? What would the world look like? A huge family, interlinked with the fabric of time? Can we see humanity sharing the same parents (Adam and Eve), with multiple tiny families? Each family with a different lifestyle would lead to the diversity in the lifestyle in the world.

Let us look at the variety in the lifestyle in the world.

What are the Different Meanings of Lifestyle in the World?

Austrian psychologist, Alfred Aldler, coined the word ‘lifestyle’. We can explain the meaning of Lifestyle by focusing on a person’s way of living in the society. All the interests, choices, attitudes, and social orientations constitute the way of life of an individual person or a group. One can determine the tangible factors such as demographic variables as well as intangible factors such as personal values and preferences equally by keen observation of the person’s way of life. In addition, the environment in which an individual resides in affects the life of the person greatly. American lifestyles and habits play a major role in molding the society and psychology of the people.

Common Elements of American Lifestyle

Consistency and Unity are some of the essentials of lifestyle in the world. According to these two concepts, lifestyle depends upon the unifying principle upon which an individual’s behavior depends consistently. We can find unanimity in the way of life among a group of people who share believes and values. Besides this, the differentiating aspect states that a number of latest trends that exist maybe comparable. But not identical as one’s way of life differs from others.

This differentiating property of lifestyle in the world or way of living can assist in characterizing groups of people from one another. Furthermore, it is not possible to ignore the behavioral implication of lifestyle since the lifestyle and behavior are co-existent. According to Adler, lifestyle guides an individual’s behavior consisting of thoughts, actions, and emotions.

Lifestyle is actually the guiding principle. It leads the actions of an individual in pursuit of his life goals and ambitions. However, behavior does not only consists of overt behavior like actions. It also includes feelings and thoughts by means of which the person ascribes meaning to his activities.

What is American Lifestyle?

Lifestyle Glitz - lifestyle in the world 2

A typical American lifestyle refers to the way of life adopted by the people residing in the United States. One unique feature of the American way of life is its diversity. The latest trends in the US have enriched with the mingling of values and believes that originate from various parts of the world. Amid unique ways of living, there exists such great cultural diversity in American culture that foreigners find it feasible to adjust easily in US environment.

A typical American lifestyle depends upon some basic values, which include directness, independence, informality, and equality. Americans strongly believe in a direct approach in order to deal with conflicts and problems among one another. The individualist attitude of American people differs from most of the other societies of the world as it emphasizes upon the independent way of living rather than close-knitted and interdependent family system prevailing in the majority of nations.

The typical American lifestyle focuses on the equality of all human beings. According to their belief, the creation of all individuals is equal and hence there is no need for overtly displaying respect. There is no need for actions like bowing to others. The family system in the United States does not involve extended families as most of the children move out of parents’ house as soon as they become adults.

Generally, lifestyle in the world portrays the overall orientation of a group or an individual. With the intermingling of different latest trends as in the case of the United States, there arises a synchronized community, which caters to the needs and comforts of both foreigners and local inhabitants.

American Culture and Lifestyle

What is American Society?

The exact definition of what exactly is American society may be as a depiction of the western culture comprising of a diverse range of ethnicities and nationalities. However, even with a combination of great diversity, the American society and culture have its distinct characteristics and values including arts, music, a way of living, cuisines, dialect etc. Irish and British settlers primarily influenced and shaped American lifestyle and habits. But with the passage of time, other parts of Europe also made an impact upon American society and culture.

According to the statistics given by the US government, only 0.7% of the US population is Native American. At the same time, 62% of the population comprises of White Americans who belong to different European nations.

Daily Life in America

Daily life in America is pretty much easier and less complicated as compared to that in many other countries. In American culture, the majority of the American people live a decent life even without having full-time employment, thanks to the US being a welfare state. American lifestyle and habits with their relaxed nature emphasize upon the importance of enough sleep and leisure time.

However, the majority of the American’s family lifestyle comprises of sedentary activities such as watching television and surfing on the internet in free time. A major portion of daily life in America centers upon eating and drinking. Research shows that Americans, who are more educated, also spend more time upon dining.

In USA lifestyle today, women engage in household activities and outwork men in this aspect. Among these, housework and food preparation take up maximum time, followed by gardening, lawn maintenance, and household management. An insight of daily life in America also shows that maximum American people do not involve themselves in studies while those who study spend an average of 5 hours in academic activities.

Typical American Lifestyle

One unique feature of the typical American lifestyle is its diverse nature. There are so many American bloggers writing about this. USA lifestyle today has enriched with the intermingling of values, believes and norms from different parts of the world. There exists such enhanced cultural diversity in American culture that immigrants find it likely to adjust in US environment without much ado.

The typical American lifestyle depends upon certain basic ethics, which include independence, directness, equality, and informality. The direct approach mechanism influences American lifestyle and habits in order to cope with problems with one another.

The American family lifestyle is liberal and emphasizes the independent way of living rather than an interdependent family system that is prevailing in the majority of nations in the world. American society and culture focus upon the equality of all humans.

According to Americans’ belief, the creation of all individuals is the same. Therefore, there is no need for an overt display of respect such as bowing to others as observed in many nations. With the individualistic mindset, the typical American lifestyle has an extensive freedom of speech and action. This allows each individual to live according to his/her own choice.

Thus, with the intermingling of different beliefs, values, norms, ethics, standards and cultural identities, USA lifestyle today leads to a synchronized community. Which accommodates to the requirements and comforts of both local inhabitants as well as foreigners residing in America. This aspect of American culture imparts it a unique and distinct charisma.

UK Fashion and Lifestyle: An Epitome of Modern Life

Defining UK Lifestyle

Lifestyle Glitz - lifestyle in the world UKIn order to live a successful and comfortable life, there is the need to adopt a healthy and happy way of life. The lifestyle meaning is not a single definition. In fact, it is a product of various factors, which shape up the mode of life of an individual or society. Various aspects of a person’s life outline the lifestyle meaning, which includes fitness, fashion, beauty, personal preferences, moral values, and norms, etc. While considering the fashion elements in the global lifestyle, UK fashion is leading the world with its advanced expertise. There is no doubt that some of the current UK fashion trends are remarkable and leading the global market.

Lifestyle and UK Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the main formulators of any region’s way of life. The latest trends introduced through fashion influence peoples’ clothing as well as their overall appearance. The lifestyle news today mostly focuses on the latest fashion trends, which highly attract the common public. There exist a number of top UK lifestyle blogs, which the majority of the public follows in order to keep themselves up-to-date with the current UK fashion trends in the society.

Follow the Best Fashion Sites

Everlane has designed one of the best fashion sites that display remarkable images, typography, and videos of their products. Warby Parker’s website also provides users with a unique experience with the use of catchy lines to promote latest trends in an aesthetic way to remind viewers that company highly focuses upon creativity. In addition, Flutto uses a dark color scheme in its website combined with sleek animation, which sets itself apart from rest of the competitors.

Another best fashion site is that of Zara, which utilizes large-scale images and minimum text, allowing the user a better visualization of the latest trends. Vogue magazine also has an appealing website, which deals with all aspects of lifestyle in the world in an appealing manner. All of these websites deal with fashion and lifestyle in an eye-catching manner while also providing users with suitable information.

Fashion in the UK

There are a number of aspects of UK fashion, which make it highly tempting for adoption. Professionalism is one of the basic elements of the UK fashion industry thus making it a very influential fashion hub over the globe. Its originality also inspires people of both younger and older generations. UK fashion has emerged as a giant in the industry as most of the leading brands such as Oxford, Dolce & Gabbana, and Cambridge along with the world’s topmost designers belong to the UK.

It is evident from the fact that London Fashion Week gets as much coverage as the international tournaments. One another reason due to which UK fashion is leading the world is the fashion education imparted among younger the people by launching useful fashion designing courses.

Overall, lifestyle and the current UK fashion trends are highly interconnected that these two terms work alongside each other. People who keep themselves updated with the latest trends in fashion, as introduced by the UK fashion industry have a better sense and understanding of modern life.

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Media and Lifestyle Channels: Always Interconnected

Lifestyle Media

With the help of lifestyle channels and newspapers available online and on television presenting the latest trends of lifestyle in the world, it has become easier for people to keep themselves updated on the modernized life of the time. Although basic norms are quite similar all over the world, yet there exists uniqueness in the life of an individual or a group from the rest. This difference actually arises either due to personal preferences or due to distinct norms and customs of a particular society or a community.

Famous Lifestyle Channels

BBC Lifestyle

BBC Lifestyle channel is one of the most famous lifestyle channels, which covers the topics of food, health, fashion, style, parenting as well as personal development strategies. This BBC studio owns this channel and first launched in Singapore in 2007. BBC Lifestyle airs a number of exciting programs that revolve around the latest trends in the modernized world. Real stories from day to day lives of common people guides viewers in various aspects of life such as cooking, home décor, fitness, and fashion.

Lifestyle Network

Creative Programs own the Lifestyle Network is an international Filipino TV channel. It initially launched in 1999 and it mainly targets a female audience. In 2018, this lifestyle channel changed its name to Metro Channel and now airs only outside of Philippines. Metro Channel broadcasts exciting culinary segments with accomplished chefs like Sandi Daza and Claude Tayag. They also share interesting backstories of various mouth-watering local dishes. Besides culinary shows, Lifestyle Network also airs fashion talk shows like Driven by famous hosts.

The Lifestyle Channel

The Lifestyle Channel is an Australian channel, and it launched in September 1997. This channel has three subsidiary channels namely Lifestyle Food, Lifestyle You, and Lifestyle Home. It covers various dimensions of life including a makeover, fashion, well-being, shopping, home, gardening, leisure, travel, and food.

How to Adopt Fashion with Style

Living with style is everyone’s right. But women need a bit more of a style in their lives while hanging out in their cliques. Among various fashion elements in women’s life, nail art is one of the most attractive and creative techniques for females. There are various tutorials on the internet concerning how to do nail art.

There are different techniques for nail art such as taping, sponging, painting, drawing with brushes, digital nail art etc. Sponging is a nail style technique that splattered type of nail style with the use of sponge with nail polish. Place the sponge gently or firmly upon the nail surface depending upon design. In this type of nail style, the tape is for making a design with multi-colored nail paints in an artistic manner. After applying the desired designs, finally, remove the tape.

Overall, the variety of lifestyle in the world is a compilation of several aspects of living that people usually adopt through media including television channels and the lifestyle news today. Keeping all aspects of life well maintained brings a person towards remarkable, praiseworthy life.

Some Basics for Adopting Healthy Mode of Life

Lifestyle Glitz - lifestyle in the world US

What Lifestyle Means to Some People

The way of life adopted by a group, culture or an individual shapes the meaning of lifestyle. This constitutes the various patterns of behavior, consumption, work, interaction, activities and interests that portrays the way an individual utilizes his/her time. According to some philosophers, the life of an individual originates with the help of the creative power of a person during the early years and the surroundings do not affect it.

However, others are of the opinion that the diversity in lifestyle in the world is very closely associated with the occupation pursued. A person may acquire a specific lifestyle with formal education. In general, the clearer definition or meaning of lifestyle in the world is the mode of living adopted by an individual or a society. It is not something one inherits, but rather something, one learns from the society and personal preferences.

Lifestyle Examples in the World

There are some common lifestyle examples that explain how a certain group or an individual shape their way of life. One of the common examples of lifestyle in the world is the culture. It consists of the customs and traditions considered valuable by a group. Then, there exist the norms of a particular society with shared expectations regarding behavior. These comprise of rules such as politeness, civility, and courtesy that all individuals belonging to that society must follow.

In addition, the location where a person resides also influences one’s life. For instance, there exist major contrasts in lifestyles of rural and urban environments. The type of occupation and working style of a person also affects the person’s life. Wealth and the consumption behavior of people also determine their mode of living. Similarly, health, food, environment, religion, and social status of a person formulate person’s style of life and affect the individual’s overall behavior in one way or other.

Some essentials of Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy or unhealthy way of life of a person develops and transforms through the generations. Children with parents following a healthy lifestyle are more likely to do the same in their future. Those having parents who adopt an unhealthy way of living will do the same. Some common norms for adopting a healthy lifestyle in the world are as follows:

Saying ‘no’ to smoking is the foremost essential for enjoying a healthy and happy lifestyle in the world all over. Non-smokers have significantly lower mortality risk compared to the smokers as suggested by researchers. Besides this, having a uniform sleep-wake cycle also helps maintain a healthy mind and body. Unusual or changing sleep times leads to sleep issues and constant lethargy. Life and style go hand in hand. By adopting an active and vigorous routine, may include swimming, cycling, walking, hiking, and such muscle-engaging activities. Another helpful advice for keeping life and style in a balance is to remain active until you age and start saving money as earlier as possible.

By keeping in mind that each person has his own life to live, one should try to stop comparing themselves with other people and focus upon their own goals for adopting a commendable life with style. In summary, a healthy lifestyle not only allows a person to live a prosperous life himself but also allows the whole society to emerge successfully as a unit.

The Lifestyle in India: Diversified and Unique

Lifestyle Glitz - lifestyle in the world India

The typical definition of the lifestyle is ‘the interests and opinions of a group, individual, or a society’. Lifestyle depends upon two major factors i.e. personal orientation and societal influence. All of the aspects of life including health, fitness, fashion, outlook, beauty as well as person’s values, social circle, and environment constitute the overall life of a person. The diversity in lifestyle in the world also creates cultural symbols that connect with the personal identity of an individual. The lifestyle in India is quite different from the American or British Lifestyle in various aspects of living because of cultural diversity that exists there.

The Lifestyle in India

Lifestyle in India is quite extensive and deep-rooted. It is mainly because the people inhabiting this area depict a huge diversity of customs, traditions, and ethnicity. India is a rich ethnic country, which hosts people from various religions of the world. Due to this reason, there exists great variation in life and style of Indian people depending upon each nation’s culture, norms, and values.

Spices of various kinds are one of the famous specialties of Indian Food. Curry is, no doubt, one of the most famous dishes in India, which is named ‘Pan-Asian’ dish. Fine arts are also an essential element of Indian culture, which revolves around drama, music, dance, and painting. Indian theatre and drama also have a long established history. The 2000-year-old theatre of ‘Kutiyattam of Kerala’ is one of the oldest in the world.

Top Lifestyle Blogs from India

A number of top lifestyle blogs from India portray different elements of life. Including fashion, beauty, fitness, culture, and norms of lifestyle in the world. Some of the Indian top lifestyle blogs are in the list below:

Verve Magazine

Verve Magazine is a famous the lifestyle in India magazine which covers the latest trends in various aspects of life and style particularly arts, culture, fashion, beauty, people, travel and recent events. It published 14 posts per week with thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers.

This top lifestyle blog has been initiated by Naina Ridhu who is a Lifestyle Photographer. Focusing on international luxury brands and latest trends that are appealing to the Indian people. This blog is also very popular among social media followers. Its post frequency is three posts per week.

Akanksha Redshu

Akanksha Redhu is also a well-known blogger who focuses on expressing innovative ideas, inspirations while also focusing upon Indian lifestyle and fashion. The blogger personally writes posts ranging from food to fashion.

Style by Nature

This lifestyle news website is best for people who are avid style followers and live while keeping life and style intact. It posts on topics such as food, fitness, fun etc. approximately 4 times a month.

Overall, the lifestyle in India that exists is a combination of diverse norms, cultures, and beliefs, which makes it very much interesting and appealing. This is mainly why a huge number of tourists visits India from various parts of the world to get entertained with its unique ways and styles.

There are numerous other interesting aspects of lifestyle in the world we need to touch.

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