How to Choose the Best Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

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How to Choose the Best Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

Some people need wheelchairs for a short time, and some people have to rely completely on them for their mobility. Whatever be the purpose, wheelchairs are not very comfortable for most users. They end up getting sores on their backs, or they just get uncomfortable sitting for a long period of time, which most wheelchair users have to do. Being in an uncomfortable chair can also lead to tissue breakdowns. Wheelchair pressure relief cushions can be made out of various materials. The main aim of these cushions is to provide relief and comfort to the users.

Different Types of Wheelchair Cushions

#1 Air wheelchair cushions

These have air in them and make a good choice for those who generally suffer from pressure ulcers. These are lightweight, enable proper posture, and are thus suitable for persons who require support.

#2 Wheelchair pressure relief cushions made of foam

These cushions are not very expensive, and a lot more durable than the other kinds. Wheelchair cushions, which are made of foam, are generally up to 4 inches thick, and they are lightweight.

#3 Cushions made of gel filling

The cushions, which have gel in them, may not be less pricey, but they can seat very heavy persons, and help them in maintaining good posture, due to the flexibility of the gel.

#4 Bariatric cushions

Bariatric wheelchair cushions are those, which are made of a combination of either foam and gel, or high-density foam. These cushions are highly effective in providing comfort and at the same time keeping the position and posture of the person sturdy

Going by the variety of cushions available, it is easy to get confused when deciding which wheelchair pressure relief cushion to buy. It is advisable to keep in mind the demands and requirements of the person who would be using it.

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Some Tips When Buying Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

Size of the cushion

You must keep in mind that when a person is buying cushions for a wheelchair, then you must check the size that is required. The cushion to be purchased should not be more than the size of the seat. If it is so, then it will not fit into the seat. Even if you try to fit it in, it will prove to be uncomfortable.

The height also matters

Along with the size, what is also necessary is the height of the cushion. If the cushion is too high or too low, which might be the case with foam cushions, and then chances are that the person will feel uncomfortable. In addition, if the cushions are too low or high, then the persons sitting on them might face a problem while sitting at tables, desks, etc. Thus, height is a crucial factor when choosing a wheelchair pressure relief cushion.

Life of the wheelchair pressure relief cushion

Wheelchair cushions last for a certain period of time, after which they are bound to get flattened, and shall be useless if they are not treated well. Most cushions last for two to three years at the most and require replacement after that.

Do your research before buying a wheelchair relief pressure cushion. Decide on one that suits you best, in terms of comfort and longevity. Considering these factors, it is easy to choose the right cushion suited to a person’s particular needs, and prevent troubles.

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