How Can I Become a Confident Person

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
9 · 01 · 18
How Can I Become a Confident Person

Many people contact me to ask, “How can I become a confident person.” It is a simple question, but not so easy to answer. There are many things to consider before you can get the right answer for it. In truth, there is no right answer because everyone is different. We all have a unique personality, experiences in life, and reasons for acting the way we do in different circumstances.

Confidence is a trait we are not born with. Most people have to work towards becoming confident about themselves. Right from childhood, our parents, friends, experiences, and environmental or social factors can either boost our confidence or destroy it. Nonetheless, the good news is that you can become a confident person eventually. It takes some working on yourself; it is difficult, but not impossible to change.

10 Ways to Become a Confident Person

Lifestyle Glitz - Become a confident person 2#1: Assess Yourself

Make a list of things that you are good at doing. Are you great at singing, cooking, crafts, painting, dog walking, or babysitting? It can be anything under the sun, so find your best skill or skill. Never ignore or take your skills for granted. Once you make the list, read it over. Feel pride in the amazing things you can do. You need to remind yourself that there are people out there who cannot do the things you can. So what are you afraid of and why? There are people afraid of doing the skills you are great at doing. Have you thought about this?

#2: Accept Praises

Usually, people who lack confidence are scared of accepting praises. No matter how small a compliment is, appreciate it. Say thank you to the person praising you; it is good for your soul. Learn to acknowledge it to yourself that someone praises you because you really are good at the skill.

#3: Be Aware and Informed

Educating yourself is very important. Sometimes, it is not just about practical skills. You need to have knowledge about things happening around you. It can be politics, social matters, entertainment, fashion, and magazines, anything latest. Having something to talk about when you meet people helps, you become a confident person.

#4: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Lifestyle Glitz - Become a confident person 3Here is how to become a confident person with some fun. Try new things you never did before. Explore the unknown and add it to the list of things you have done. This will be a great conversation starter. It will impress people who have never done those things in their lives. Challenge yourself. Doing new things helps boost one’s confidence. It does not have to be a dare or thrill activity. It can be something as simple as dining at the most expensive restaurant or signing up for a life-changing adventure tour.

#5: Change Your Lifestyle

Live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Do you know that activities and exercising can boost your self-esteem? Make healthy choices; adjust your lifestyle to make sure you feel better about yourself. Drink enough water, avoid junk food, take more fruits, and vegetables. The little things we do can affect our confidence. It is never too late to change for the better. Feel great inside and it will show on the outside.

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#6: Surround Yourself with Positivity

Do you have negative people around you? We all have at least one of those. Avoid them, even if they are family members. Such negative people tend to rip you off the little bit of self-esteem and confidence you have. Yes, making this change can be hard, but to become a confident person, it is a necessary change. Surround yourself with people who have faith in you.

#7: Waltz or Cha-cha-cha

Lifestyle Glitz - Become a confident person 4Dance! Seriously! Go wild and dance like there is no one watching like there is no tomorrow. Let the music be loud and just let your body go with the beats. Do it alone in your room, or even in the middle of the grocery store. Let people gasp or join you. Be fun, be childish, and have fun. People cannot do what you are doing – remember that. So what or who are you afraid of anyway?

#8: Whack-up Your Wardrobe

You will feel better if you know you look great. Find your best look and for that, you need to dare to explore the options. Explore fun t-shirts and clothes you never tried before. Why are you depriving yourself of some fun? Colors are for everyone, so why deprive yourself of wearing specific colors. People will say this color does not go with your skin type or eye color. Ignore them.

Wear what you want. Try new sports coats or even shoes you never tried before. Go funky if you must.

#9: Ask for More Work

At work, ask for extra tasks. This is how to become a confident person at work. Challenge yourself to new things. It may sound freaky, but you need to discover your true potential. Take responsibility to push yourself to do things you feel you could not do. Taking the initiative will get you positive attention and a reward. It will help you learn new things and boost your confidence too.

#10: Appreciate People around You

Lifestyle Glitz - Become a confident person 5Help others become a confident person too. It is a two-way thing. As you grow and become better, helping others will help you at the same time. Feel gratitude for life and positive people. Share good moments with co-workers, family, and friends. Thank them to show your appreciation. Praise them for the good qualities and skills they possess. Be supportive so that they are supportive too.

Lastly, a tip: Be an honest person. Lies, hiding, and cheating will only ruin your personality. Live great and be great. If you have questions or suggestions to add to the question how can I become a confident person, share them in the comments below?

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