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The Spellz with Singer Nasir Anis - An Interview

The Spellz is a rising name in the music industry. Let us take you to an interesting interview with Nasir Anis.

Tell us something about yourself.

I was born and raised in Lahore. Got all my education from Lahore. Metric from DPS Model Town, FSc from Govt College Lahore and BSc from UET. I loved music all my life. Everyone in my family sang and they were always singing spiritual stuff that planted the seed towards spirituality in me. But I tasted what music could be. For me personally, it was when I started writing my own music with my band in UET. That was magical. Later, once I moved to Toronto, the whole process stopped and 10 years later, I decided to go back to my roots of making music.

 How did you put together the band Spellz? What does your band name The Spellz mean or represent?

It’s like casting a spell. When I am in the zone of writing music, it casts a spell on me and in that moment, I am not aware of my own surroundings. That’s what makes music special for me. Hence the name – The Spellz.

How was the experience like… The Spellz working with Daniel Weber the vocalist and the lead guitarist of the Hollywood-based rock band, ‘The Disparrows’?

It was absolutely fantastic. He is a great musician, but to top it off I found him to be a very humble and a hard working person. It’s very refreshing to see an artist like him who is ready to work day and night just for the love of art. That’s really hard to find these days.

How do you look at Pakistan’s music industry, where is it heading? Is it grooming or failing to produce meaningful music?

I think it’s a mixed bag. The artists who are established are in a good spot as they have defined their style and genre already. For new artists, it’s always a challenge to define who they are and how they are different from the rest. I feel that while there is no lack of talent, a lot of new artists are trying to copy a hit song in Bollywood. Personally, I feel that they are aiming for a shortcut and there is no such thing as a short cut in life. Every successful person regardless of the profession has to do the hard hours and you can only do the hard hours of practicing, training, and redefining/redesigning if you really love it. So, my advice to new talents in Pakistan will be to really find the love of music inside of them and not try to be someone else. If you sing with soul, it will touch the souls of others for sure.

What is music and ‘Sufism’ together for you?

Both go hand in hand. It’s like a perfect marriage. Sufism is all about finding the One inside of you and when you see a glimpse of the One, you will keep diving deeper and deeper.

Music one the other hand is a channel and probably one of the most powerful mediums. Happy notes will make anyone happy and sad notes make anyone sad regardless you understand the words or not. So simply put, Sufism is the message and music are the carrier delivering it to hearts.

Do you have any regrets?

None. I am doing what I love and following the path of God at the same time. 2 years back when I started music again, I offered myself to Him and said that I want to pass good messages to the world and I want to talk about your greatness to the world. I am happy that I am doing that.

Which type of music artist are you following recently from east and west both?

Surprisingly, I don’t listen to a lot of music anymore. There was a time when I did but not anymore. If anything, I will listen to Coke Studio. There is one song that took my heart away from this season and that was Dam Ali Ali. Fantastic audio/video production. Kudos to Coke Studio and Strings. I hope I can perform there one day.

Did you face any hurdles in reaching this point?

Tons of them but at the same time, I am very happy that I did. People look at a rose and think how beautiful it is. They don’t look at the journey of the rose. What they don’t see is that the Rose had to pass through the pains of thorns before God gives it the beauty it wanted. So yes, I have faltered and shattered many times and had to sacrifice many personal things in life in hopes that I will reach my desired goals.

What are your plans for the future after this collaboration with Daniel Weber?

Well let’s just say, I hope for much more. J

 Are you a proud Pakistani?

I bleed GREEN. One day I will be back and making a difference. That’s the goal and the plan. I want to have my own city of spirituality where there is nothing but love.

What is the message The Spellz are trying to express through their music?

We are all one regardless of faith, color, gender, race or any other borders. We are nothing but souls captured in human bodies and that soul is a reflection of God himself. Think about, if you are standing in a crowd, do you see the crowd or do you see that there is only ONE. If you see that there is only One, then you are a true form of humanity. If you see a crowd, you need to work on getting to see nothing but One.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

On stage with the biggest artists from all over the world and working on passing messages of peace and love. In 10 years, I want to have my own city in Pakistan full of love and harmony InshaAllah. I know this is what HE created me for…

Finally, a message to our readers and your fans?

Create goals in life and be fearless going after them. There is no better feeling than that. There is nothing called a success and a failure in life. Struggling to achieve goods is the best form of learning and the goods will always be sweeter. Love you All!  Nasir 

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Name: Nasir

Date of Birth: Feb 9, 1981

Favorite movie: Legends of the fall

Favorite Singer: Nusrat Fateh Ali

Aim in life: To represent Pakistan at an unprecedented International level.

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