Why Sea Pirates Became Extinct and Do They Still Exist

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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Why Sea Pirates Became Extinct and Do They Still Exist

People usually speak of sea pirates or sea bandits like something of a legend. The truth is that they were real, and they did exist. They are no myth nor fable. In fact, they existed in great numbers at one time. There may never have been a hype about their existence. However, the world has experienced problems by them in different places around the globe. What needs pointing out is that modern sea bandits are different from those of the past in many ways. Nonetheless, their activities and actions remain an unchanged pirates’ code.

Modern Sea Pirates

Piracy became a serious problem in the early 1980s. Since then, the numbers of their attacks on people traveling by sea increased. Between 1993 and 2003, their numbers tripled and in 2004, the world experienced more than 200 pirate attacks worldwide. Catching these modern sea bandits was just as difficult as it was to catch their ancestors. No authority could do much on the sea, and even though countries invested in sea police or military defenses, there wasn’t much success.

Moreover, modern sea bandits could use many of the old tricks their ancestors used. They could hide behind the flag of any state they chose to belong to, which made it almost impossible to recognize and arrest them. In fact, it may come as a shock but not all governments were against sea bandits. Some collaborated with them. Today, sea pirates are frequently present in the Southeastern and Southern Asia regions. Some still sail in the South American sea and South of the Red Sea. They wear masks, are good with disguising, and have a very aggressive nature.

There are two kinds of modern sea bandits: organizations of sea bandits and minor sea bandits. As the name implies, organizations of sea bandits are large operating groups. Their goals are to loot small ships they come across at sea. They attack to complete their agreed business and are mostly a link in some criminal chain. On the other hand, minor sea bandits work independently and have smaller goals. They work for no one and loot small ships.

Pirates are Sea Robbers

People may call them “Pirates” but they are no different from the ‘Sea Robbers’ of old times. Modern sea bandits use speedboats, have sonars, use radars, and stick to the most recent technology. They use machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, torpedoes, and all kinds of weapons at sea. They may even have access to satellite communications. They can locate any ship they want to target. They have a new and advanced style of robbing people, but in the end, they are sea robbers.

Pirates from 300 Years Ago

No matter how the modern sea bandits act, they will remain the same as the sea bandits from three hundred years ago. In the past, sea bandits kidnapped people for ransom, robbed ships, and murdered people at sea. They used the most brutal ways of that time to attack people. Some of those sea bandits have left the world with a fearsome reputation.

Why Sea Pirates Became Extinct?

Sea pirates haven’t become extinct. They just became less popular. The reason for this is that modern technology has helped people protect themselves better at sea. Acquiring weaponry is no longer as easy as it was at one time. As awareness about the attacks at sea increased, governments around the world have taken every measure to stop these people. Although they still operate, they do so at a very low level, which is almost negligible.

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