Excavated Skeleton in Australia Suggests “Boomerangs” Were War Weapons

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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Excavated Skeleton in Australia: Boomerang War Weapons

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Countless excavations take place around the world. For most archeologists, it’s all about finding out more details about the people that roamed the earth in previous decades. They continuously hunt for signs that could reveal how ancient civilizations lived their life. The excavated skeleton in and boomerangs in Australia have brought new facts to light.

A similar excavation program took place in Australia to probe deeper into the lifestyle of the ancient civilizations of Australia, and this led to the discovery of a skeleton with strange injuries. The injuries suggest that the aboriginal people of this great country fought deadly battles amongst themselves.

Initially, the discovery of the skeleton and the story wasn’t clear. Almost two years ago, people spotted an aboriginal man’s skeleton beside the Australian riverbank. The skull had a long gash on it, indicating a possible sword slash or death by a cutlass. It could be that he was alive when the Europeans were spreading across the region. In history, those were turbulent years for the people of Australia.

However, experts conducted numerous lab tests, which show that the man’s death was in the 1200s. This was 600 years before the Europeans and their metallic war tools reached this region. A new study earlier reveals that the unprecedented injuries came from a domestic weapon- the “boomerang”.

Excavated Skeleton is A Possible “Victim”

Experts who made this study argue that the man was a probable victim of violence, a deliberate act. The theory implies that most aboriginal people in that period battled among themselves. This brings the pre-colonial tribal relationship of the people into the picture. A subject that is less known in historical records. The only skeleton predating to the colonial times of Australia shows signs of deadly injuries caused by other humans. The discovery of that skeleton date back to the 1600 B.C., which shows multiple spear wounds inflicted as a “ritual punishment”.

Discovery of the Gashed Skull

The discovery of the skull was in 2014 by William Bates. Bates is a member of the local Indigenous people of Australia, the Baakantji. These aboriginals gave the dead man the name “Kaakutja, meaning “older brother”. The wound on the face of the skull shows that a sharp-edged object hit on his head. He had broken ribs, and a circle of bone slashed off his upper arm.

Evidence also suggests that kaakutja’s death took place in his late 20s or possibly his early 30s. His skeleton shows that he was familiar with domestic violence as his skull bore a couple of healed injuries. One appears to be from a sharp-edged weapon.

The Boomerang as a “Weapon” Used by Excavated Skeleton

Once researchers learned that kaakutja lived in a time before the use of metals, they had to dig deeper into the possible weapons used to kill him. Some accounts reveal that Aboriginals made use of “lil-lils”, which were sharpened clubs as well as boomerangs to fight. In those years, boomerangs were also music making, digging, and butchering tools.

Boomerangs in the 1200s had blades as long as 18 inches, making them a better choice of the weapon compared to the lil-lil. Not far away from the burial site of kaakutja, researchers also discovered some rocks that depicted two aboriginal people holding clubs, shields, and boomerangs.

The injuries on kaakutja, combined with the discovery of the rocks lead to the conclusion that this area was in some kind of conflict. It’s possible that he was amid hand-to-hand combat as well. The evidence provided by his excavated skeleton also shows that he was surely a person many people cared for. That’s because his skeleton also showed that his body laid on a special sand.

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