Some Useful Tips to Choose a Butterfly Knife Trainer

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A butterfly knife trainer also known as a Balisong trainer is just like a real and fully functional butterfly knife. But what is the difference between a real butterfly knife and a butterfly knife trainer? Well, the difference lies in the blade of both knives. A real butterfly knife has a sharp blade whereas a butterfly knife trainer has a blunt blade.

And why is that so? The blade should remain blunt to prevent cuts and injuries. We all know that butterfly knives have blades concealed inside the handles of the knives. Whenever the user rotates the handles around its tang, the knives come out. It is quite famous for flipping and people show off their flipping skills on this knife at the circus and local fairs.

That is why a knife trainer is available to people so that people can practice their flipping skills on this knife with full safety and without worrying about cutting their fingers or injuring them or other people around them.

So now, there is no need to worry if you are just a beginner at flipping and not an expert. With the help of a butterfly knife trainer, you can always practice reaching that expert level you so want to achieve without worrying about your safety. Sounds cool. Right? And it is strongly recommended that you practice with a trainer first until you feel confident enough to do some flipping with a real butterfly knife.

How to Flip With a Butterfly Knife Trainer

Do you want to master the act of flipping? Do you so want to try out those smart moves you saw your favorite heroes do in movies? You can definitely do all this with a butterfly trainer. Besides learning tricks and practicing moves, a butterfly trainer can cut few things as well.

The smooth and blunt blade of the knife looks pretty look and will even look cooler as it flips around your fingers. Therefore, it’s extremely essential to look around the different varieties of butterfly knife trainers and before that, it’s more important to know what to look in a perfect butterfly knife trainer.

Determine the Purpose You Want To Use Your Knife For

The first and foremost step is to determine that what tasks you want to perform with your knife. Whether you want a tool to master your flipping skills, you want to carry out some funny tricks to entertain others, or you want to use it as a tool. If you want to use it, a tool then you would definitely want a real butterfly knife with a sharp blade.

But if you just want to carry our tricks with it, then a butterfly knife trainer would do well. And hey, don’t worry if you don’t have a butterfly trainer with you, you can always give your real butterfly knife a two in one feature by wrapping tape around its blade so that it does not cut you or injure you.

Determine the Size of Your Butterfly Knife Trainer

Deciding what size you want for your butterfly knife is of utmost importance. There are butterfly knives start from the small size of like three to four inches and go up to big sizes. I would recommend you to buy a small knife if you want to use it for flipping and to keep the big butterfly knives for decoration or collection purposes only.

Determine the Price of Your Butterfly Knife Trainer

These are a very good choice as they are quite cheap and you can avail them quite easily. These blades are cheaper than their real counterparts are and there is no doubt in the fact that you can have very good quality in the lowest possible rates when it comes to knife trainers.

Determine the Material of Your Butterfly Knife Trainer

Butterfly trainers come in different construction materials. And of course the more costly it will be, the better the quality of the material will be. However, if you were just buying a butterfly knife trainer for some entertainment and fun purposes, then a cheaper blade would do for you.

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