How to Do IAS Mains Test Series Preparation While in School?

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How to Do IAS Mains Test Series Preparation in School?

It feels good when young people of 18 to 23 years are so enthusiastic about the UPSC exam IAS Mains Test Series. No one wants to be an IAS and no IFS. But everyone has the goal of quick success and serving the country. Even after becoming an IAS, his mind will go back and the price of Deshprim will disappear and it will turn into Deshoona, but now he becomes very excited about the Best Test Series for IAS Mains exam!

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IAS Mains Test Series 2018 – Preparation Tips for School Students

Well, first of all, we start with school students who are interested in giving the UPSC exam IAS Mains Test Series and are confused about what topic to choose as honors in graduation. For these students studying in the school, I would like to say two things: –

You have made the right decision at the right time. Because at this stage of age our brain is playful, our tendency is more on wrong things. Net recharging, making girlfriend, understanding the dad’s money as ground dust, watching movies and not know what to see? But if you are dreaming of becoming an IAS in this age, then there is something special that separates you from others. Because it is also a big thing to keep thinking like this … Some people do not even think, the point of doing it is far away.

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When you have decided to become an IAS, do not show any hesitation for it. Now you have enough time to prepare. Right now, you have to get good numbers in +2 and take admission in good college. So give more attention to the marks of your +2.

How Can Students Manage Preparation?

Now the question arises, what can we do for the preparation of IAS while staying in school? First, look carefully at the IAS syllabus. It is said that many people sit in the IAS Mains Test Series exam without having to go without a syllabus. It is wrong to do so. You must post-mortem the examination you are giving to it.

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School studies are self-sufficient and in such a way, preparing for the preparation of IAS will not be the right move. You will be surprised to know that the schoolbooks have significant contribution in the IAS Mains Test Series exam. All IAS aspirants today have to read today’s books for UPSC preparation. That is why your fate is good that you are awake from now. Read the books which are in the school’s syllabus (History + Geography + Political Science + Economics). Because these books will work in your UPSC preparation. You can take a book of General Knowledge by Lucent separately, from which you will be able to know which kind of Topic Civil Services come in the examination.

What Courses to Choose?

Now that you have decided to take the subject in the graduation, then if you have decided to take the faculty, you should also try to continue the same faculty in graduation. As you have thought of doing plus 2 in the arts, do not make the mistake of taking commerce in graduation. In most colleges (private + regular), the eligibility criteria are decided that arts subjects with arts can take the subject and B.Com with commerce can only do so, but many institutions do not have such compulsion.

You are free to choose Honours theme. So try that if you have commerce in +2, then graduate B.Com. Take or do it in Economics Honours. But if this is not possible for any reason, it does not need to be frustrated. Whatever topic you have taken in graduation, read it well. Because it will be good that you take this topic in future as an optional subject of the Civil Services Examination. Therefore, this is a chain-system … which reveals our foresight.

Preparation tips for Graduates

You finished your schooling. You are now more mature and wise. Now you are taking the decision of small things yourself. You should complete the focus on your graduation. As I said above, try to graduate in the same subject that you will be in the subject of the optional subject in the UPSC examination, so let’s assume that you are also preparing yourself for G.S Mains Test Series Civil Services along with graduation.

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