Offset Smoker vs Cylinder Smoker

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Offset smoker vs Cylinder smoker

Among a good variety of Barbeque smokers, the ones mostly used are the Offset smoker and Cylinder or Vvertical Water Smoker. Both the variety come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Offset smokers are known for deliciously smoked Barbeque. This type of smoker produces perfectly smoked meat which has made it popular. And its huge size is beneficial for arranging a party.

On the other hand, the Cylinder or Vertical Water Smoker is widely known for its durability, fast cooking capacity, and great portability.

Let’s know how they are different from each other


Offset smokers come with two main parts namely the firebox and the cooking chamber. Firebox produces heat and smoke that flow inside the cooking chamber and heats the meat. You can control the airflow of the smoker through the adjustable chimney and intake dampers. Though here in offset smoker cooking is more time consuming, the taste it produces is just incomparable.

On the contrary, Cylinder smoker consists of three sections, like a cooking chamber, water tray, and a fire tray. Because of the water pan, the meat in this smoker gets juicy. Here cooking is relatively faster and without compromising the taste.

Ease of use and versatility

Cooking in an offset smoker is time meticulous. Here preheating takes a lot of time. Again, maintaining consistent smoke is also something annoying. But with some modifications like lowering chimney or adding a convection plate can solve this problem.

On the other hand, cooking in a cylinder is relatively easier as it includes premeasured coal basket. It can be a good option for those who are always in a hurry.

Both the options are versatile as you can use them as a grill also.

Cooking time and fuel source

Offset smoker and cylinder smoker cooks at a different temperature, so obviously cooking time differs.

Offset smoker cooks at a low temperature, so here cooking time increases and it produces a more juicy and tasty Barbeque. The flavor you can achieve here is just incomparable. If you want the authentic taste and flavor of Barbeque, offset smoker is the best option.

As per cylinder smokers are concerned, its sealed design helps to create more smoke and thus produces smoky Barbeque. As here effort is much lesser, it can be an easy solution for busy people.


Offset smokers are larger than the cylinder ones. So, it’s the best option for backyard Barbeque parties. On the contrary, vertical or cylinder smokers offers great portability for their compact size. They are great for camping.

Durability and affordability

Offset smokers are made from thin metal, so durability is compromised. But if you can make some modifications, they display great durability. They are popular because of their affordable price. But these cheap smokers also performs excellently with little modifications.

Cylinder smokers are made from heavy-duty steel which makes them strong and long-lasting. Because of their sturdy construction, they are expensive also.


However, as the final words, it can be said that both offset smokers and cylinder or vertical smokers have own sets pros and cons. Offset smokers are well known for their authentic smoky flavor while cylinder smokers are great for those who are not willing to spend long hours in cooking.

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