A More Efficient Truck Loading or Unloading Systems

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A More Efficient Truck Loading or Unloading Systems

In the conventional loading dock leveler and unloading system, the driver centers the truck on the automatic dock leveler. Then, lowers it, opens the doors of the box, climbs back into the truck and finally engages the vehicle on the loading/unloading dock to be able to perform the operation. With all this sequence of movements in truck loading, there is exposure of the load to the external agents. There will be a change of temperature, rain, polluting gases coming from the combustion of the same vehicle, etc.

With the perfect system, you can achieve a perfect isothermal seal. Thus, you achieve an absolutely hygienic and constant temperature during the exchange of goods in the loading docks. In addition, it supposes an important reduction in the energetic costs as well as in the robberies.

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The Right Way to Do Truck Loading

The perfect system works like this:

1. Approach:

Approach the vehicle to the hydraulic dock leveler with the help of the guide positioning system. The truck doors remain closed.

2. Sealing:

The truck recoils until it touches the stops and stops. Then move a few inches to release the stops and stops. At this moment, the position of the truck is in the dock plate leveler.

3. Opening:

Proceed to open the dock leveler manufacturers.

4. The partial extension of the nail, descent of the ramp and stops:

The nail extends and the ramp goes down until it almost touches the truck box to save the free space that remains between the truck and the ramp, thus avoiding possible accidents and minimizing the energy losses. Then the person operating the mobile stops should lower them.

5. Opening the doors:

You can just open the doors.

6. Level the ramp:

Level the ramp with the vehicle. The TELESCO bulldozer ramp, with a retractable 1,000 mm long nail, can easily bridge the distance between the ramp and the truck bed. In addition, you can position it with a precision of millimeters. Remember that the nail should support about 150 mm on the truck.

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7. Loading/unloading:

Perform loading and unloading operations safely and efficiently. Ensure there is no thermal loss, with maximum safety for the product.

8. Pick up the nail and lower the ramp:

Pick up the nail a few more centimeters from the end of the truck box and lower the ramp to the low level to close the truck doors. Close the useful gap between the nail and the truck with the extension of the nail to avoid possible accidents.

9. Closing the doors:

Close the doors immediately after truck loading. In this way, you will not expose the goods loaded on the truck to inclement weather.

10. Climb stops and completely remove the nail:

Place the stops in the reception position by pressing the release pedal. Fully pick up the nail of the ramp.

11. Close the door:

Close the automatic dock leveler door. Thanks to this process, the warehouse stays protected from inclement weather and from external contamination.

12. Close the coat:

The coat returns to its resting position. Truck loading is complete and the truck is free and ready to exit.

This is how to achieve a more efficient truck loading and unloading. Hope it helped.

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