Can Cheap Pocket Knives Be Of Good Quality As Well?

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Can Cheap Pocket Knives Be Of Good Quality As Well?

Hmm, it’s a very interesting question. Isn’t it? But before we indulge ourselves in the debate that whether cheap pocket knives have good quality or not, let us first see why they are useful in the first place to make us debate on them. It is generally said that pocket knife is the best EDC tool.

We see them in the possession of our rural men and are similarly our modern urban men carry them. It has been a very valuable tool for outdoorsmen, travelers and even military for centuries. People carry cheap pocket knives with them because even being available at low prices they offer you a great companionship.

But why is that so? Let’s consider some scenarios to understand the importance of pocketknives in a better way. You are out for an outdoor expedition and are very hungry. You see some fruits on a tree. But now you have nothing with you to peel them off or slice them.

Let’s look at another scenario. You are involved in a car accident and are unable to get out of your car because you are stuck with your seat belt and cannot open it. The third scenario can be that you want to open a package that’s very tightly packed. And you have nothing to open it with.

There are million and endless scenarios like this where the possession of a pocketknife would have saved you from lots of trouble and inconvenience. You may have carried out the tasks mentioned in the above scenarios but of course, you and I both know that it wouldn’t be a smooth way and we would have faced some difficulty.

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In What Ways Can One Use a Pocketknife?

Carrying a pocketknife with you can help you carry out everyday tasks much conveniently and easily. Trust me, it will make your life easier. Even cheap pocket knives can be used to perform tasks effectively. You will be surprised to know that these little cheap pocket knives can be used to:

  • Open letters
  • Cut rope
  • Add belt holes
  • Cut i.e. to cut vegetables and fruits
  • Open packages
  • Act as a self-defense tool
  • Sharp pencils
  • Remove dirt from nails
  • Open locks by turning into a makeshift key
  • Help in camping
  • Cut off tags from clothes

See how simple and general these tasks are, yet their smooth execution is very essential as well. So, now you are interested. Right? Hence, if you looking for the best yet cheap pocket knives you have lots and lots of varieties available.

This handy tool is a must have for not only knife enthusiasts but for every person who wants a useful companion for him/her all the time. Even cheap pocketknives provide you many options to choose from. Pocketknives are available as folding knives as well as fixed blade knives, each having their own pros and cons.

Foldable Pocket Knives

A foldable pocket knife is the one, which has one or more blades that fold inside the handle. These can be spring assisted as well as automatic ones. Foldable pocket knives are very easy to carry and are more secure than other knives. They require less space as well and make a very good EDC tool. They can be concealed easily and their wow factor is that people hardly suspect that you are carrying a knife with you.

Fixed Blade Pocket Knives

Fixed Blade pocketknives have blades that are fixed and that cannot move or fold. This makes them strong and prevents them from breaking like folding knives, which are more prone to breakage because of their opening and closing mechanism. These are easy to maintain as well as their cleaning is quite easy and straightforward unlike folding pocketknives, which have hinges etc. to clean as well.

If you are a knife enthusiast or just love useful tools, then you must be in buying the best and top quality products for yourself. But hey! Did you think that top rated products cannot be bought at reasonable rates? Then, sorry my fellow, you are wrong here. Cheap pocket knives are easily available in the lowest possible rates and will help you in every phase of your life!

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