Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal – Releasing 16 December 2016

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Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal - Releasing 16 December 2016

Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal is one of the most looked-forward-to movies in 2016, by Jehan Films and AR Productions.

Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal – The Meaning

The storyline is purely historic (1965 Indo-Pak War), written by Tauseef Razaque and Inam Qadri. For those hearing about this movie for the first time, it is a Pakistani action war film, based on true historic facts. It resonates the life experiences of heroes (both fallen and survivors) of the struggles they faced to make Pakistan an independent and free nation. The movie aims to bring a message to the youth – What those heroes envisioned Pakistan’s future as and what it has become. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and Pakistan Air Force also supported the making of the movie to provide accurate insight into the historic events that took place.

Probably the Greatest Box Office Movie of Pakistan in 2016

“Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal,” means “Protection of the Magnificent God” and is a stanza in the Pakistani National Anthem. Most of us sing it every day as students or at political and social events, without paying attention to the message it delivers to us, the message our heroic fathers sent to the future of Pakistan. Those heroes envisioned Pakistan as a successful, loved, stable, honest, and flourishing nation under the protection of God. Are we living up to their expectations? Have we upheld the teachings of our nation fathers?

It may seem harsh to some but most people would agree that the sense of patriotism has faded away with the past. What exists today is not the Pakistan our ancestors and creators of the nation envisioned, but surely, God’s protection over Pakistan prevails.

This movie is a reminder of the courage of fallen heroes. It honors those heroes who laid down their lives for our nation deserve. This is what makes it a must-watch for everyone! It is a glimpse of the past and into why Pakistan deserves to be a great nation – greater than it is right now. We, Pakistanis, have a lot of potentials, which is going to hell if we don’t remind ourselves of the greatness every Pakistani has in him or her! Together, as a united nation, we can make Pakistan the greatest power that ever existed.

An Outstanding Cast – A Marvelous Lineup

You will find some renowned personalities from the Pakistani Film Industry acting the major characters of our historic heritage.

Javed Sheikh is appearing as Hamza, Arbaaz Khan as Major Shabbir Shareef (Shaheed), Firdous Jamal as Master Rasheed, Sohail Sameer as Major Faraz, Moammar Rana as Haidar, Jia Ali as Devika Goray, Nimra Khan as Hayya, Naima Khan as Safia, and Noor Bukhari as Nayyab. Umer Sultan plays the role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Wazir-E-Azam plays the role of Gandhi, two great Pakistani celebrities for two great historic personalities. You can see the entire cast here.

The cast is truly a very strong and impressive set of actors, and each one plays the role with such an impact, the movie deserves a huge success. There’s no doubt that it will take the Box Office as one of the highest grossing movies of 2016 once it is in theaters by 16 December.

The Official Trailer Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal 2016

The countdown is on, and with barely two weeks left to its release, there is a lot of excitement mounting.  Before wrapping it up, I must say that at the end of it, saying “Pakistan Zindabad” is worth it for every Pakistani out there! Next time you say it or sing the anthem, try to connect to the pain, the losses, the sacrifices, the fears, and tears people have shed to make Pakistan! You can follow the movie on Facebook as well.

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